I’m glad the whole Trump administration caught COVID

President and his followers have unleashed a tidal wave of misery

I’m glad the whole Trump administration caught COVID

I was supposed to be getting married this Saturday. Kayla and I were going to do a very small ceremony down at Cupid’s Bow on the Embarcadero and then in the evening have a big old party at El Rio with all of our friends and family. People we love were planning on coming in from such far-flung places as Japan, Spain, France and even the Outer Richmond. It was going to be truly wonderful.

Then COVID happened.

Once shelter-in-place was announced in March we said, “Let’s give it some time before we call things off.” By April though, we could already tell things were not going to go back to normal anytime soon, so we sent out the message that we were postponing the wedding. At the current moment we plan on doing something small with our families early next year, and then doing a party when it’s finally safe…whenever that might be. But it’s weird thinking that, in a different timeline, we’d be having friends arriving from around the world and the country right now and we’d be just a few short days from one of life’s biggest milestones. Instead, we’re at a place where there have been over 210,000 American deaths, the economy is a disaster, many of our favorite places are permanently closing, and millions of people are losing their jobs, health insurance, and even their housing.

And all I can think is screw Donald Trump. Screw him and screw anybody who has enabled him. And if you refuse to wear a mask, screw you too.

Am I bummed that I’m not getting married this weekend? Of course! But my sour inconvenience is small potatoes compared to the devastation wreaked upon this country by the Trump administration’s refusal to treat this pandemic like…well, a pandemic. Fundamentally, getting married on Saturday wouldn’t have changed things too much. We already have a wonderful life together and don’t need a piece of paper telling us so. But that can’t be said for the 210,000 people who’ve died because Trump did nothing, despite being briefed on the virus as early as Jan. 28, and telling Bob Woodward about how deadly it is on Feb. 7. These 210,000 peoples’ lives aren’t just fundamentally changed, they are over.

If I did my math right, having 210,000 deaths over seven months is roughly like having 9/11 happen every three days. Think about that. The United States started two wars (which we are still in) when 2,977 Americans were killed on 9/11. Our congress was so up in arms that they passed the Patriot Act, which allowed our government to pretty much surveil us in any way they want, when 2,977 Americans died. And that’s happening every three days. And these bastards have done NOTHING to stop this virus.

Screw them. Screw every single one of them. I don’t feel bad for gloating when the whole lot of them has caught COVID.

Scientists and communicable disease experts have told us since the beginning that if we wear masks, social distance and do contact tracing, we can stop the spread of the disease. But instead, Trump has continually undermined the fact-based advice of his own experts. He’s made not wearing a mask a political point and flaunted it, and he’s pressured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to change their own recommendations to fit his made-up narrative.

And everyone around him has fawningly acted like he knows what he’s talking about. There’s not an ounce of me that feels bad that this den of liars, sycophants, hucksters and vipers has gotten COVID. They’ve knowingly unleashed a tidal wave of misery upon us all, plus they are infecting all the people around them, from aides to Secret Service members to janitorial staff and beyond. Since they refuse to take responsibility, I’m glad the virus refuses to take no for an answer… just like Trump has allegedly done to at least 26 women.

When I saw Trump’s demented joyride outside of Walter Reed Hospital the other day it reminded me of the time Michael Jackson dangled his baby over the balcony. It was such pure, naked, unhinged narcissism that it sickened me almost as much realizing the danger he purposely putting his Secret Service members in. This is a man who cares truly only cares about one thing: himself. And he’d rather let everyone you know die as long there were still enough people left over to cheer for him and that he could make money off of. Just ask the people who attended the campaign fundraiser that Trump still went to even after knowing he had COVID.

Screw him. Screw anyone who has enabled this massacre, and once again screw you if you refuse to wear a mask. This is on you too. And if you still plan on voting for him, double screw you.

Stuart Schuffman is a travel writer, TV host and poet. Follow him at BrokeAssStuart.com and join his mailing list at http://bit.ly/BrokeAssList. His column appears every other Thursday. He is a guest columnist and his point of view is not necessarily that of the Examiner.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The language in this piece has been modified.

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