Winner of the Dem primary: Crazy LaRouchie who wants to impeach Obama

Kesha Rogers won the Democratic nomination in a suburban Houston district (TX-22) on a platform of impeachment of Obama and colonization of Mars. A professional activist in the Lyndon LaRouche movement, she carries posters of Obama with a Hitler mustache and calls him a “Wall Street and London backed puppet.” She has “denounced warnings of global warming as imperialist genocide.”

She also won 53 percent of the vote in a three-way Democratic primary in which her views were well-known and the Democratic establishment backed her opponent.

Time calls her an “Alvin Greene,” but given that the local party clearly knew her views, and she did her best to make them known—she reportedly stood at a local intersection regularly with a “Save NASA, Impeach Obama” sign— they can’t exactly plead ignorance on this one. The district in question includes the Johnson Space Center, so perhaps her win is a reflection of a trade-off Democrats can believe in. Her vocal support for local jobs overrode local Democratic affection for Barack Obama, with his record on jobs (particularly aerospace jobs) dragging him down. So much for the vaunted Obama personal popularity.

One wonders how much coverage Rogers will get from national media. An Alabama Republican candidate Rick Barber, who faces a run-off with establishment candidate Martha Roby in July, supports impeachment. A Republican challenging Dave Reichert in Washington State, Ernest Huber, also supports impeachment (and immediate arrest of the president), but stands almost no chance against the incumbent Republican.

Have Republicans actually nominated anyone yet who supports impeachment or did Democrats beat them to it? I’m happy to be corrected, but I’m fairly certain I would have heard a lot of shouting about the hard-right turn of the Obama-hating Republican Party if that had happened. And yet, it seems there’s no such shouting about Democratic nominee Kesha Rogers.

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