Where the DCCC is spending today

Yesterday’s reports from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:

  • MI-7 (Schauer): $10,500 for mailers against Tim Walberg, R.
  • MA-10 (open, Delahunt): $35,000 for mailers against Jeff Perry, R.
  • IL-17: $12,500 for mailers to support Rep. Phil Hare, D.
  • IA-3 (Boswell): $11,000 for mailers against Brad Zaun, R.
  • AR-1 (open, Snyder): $15,000 for mailers against Rick Crawford, R.
The downturn persists

Examiner analysis reveals that San Francisco’s economy has a long road to recovery

It’s the Year of the S.F. Recall — but who pays and who benefits politically?

Recalls may become more frequent and contribute to political destabilization