Tpaw: 'It all starts in Iowa'

Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty followed up the first television ad he released in Iowa on Wednesday with an e-mail to supporters titled, “It all starts in Iowa.”

Pawlenty attacked President Obama in his e-mail and asked supporters for contributions to help pay for his new TV ad.

“For three years, Americans have had a president who has made things worse and has no economic plan, only a campaign plan,” Pawlenty wrote. “I believe this race will come down to who has produced real results and has a real plan, not empty rhetoric.”

Pawlenty's words echoed those of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., at a breakfast on Capitol Hill Wednesday. 

“If the election were held today, our theme would be, 'He made it worse,'” McConnell said, referring to Obama.

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