Today's reasons to worry about big government as a path to corruption

The late Tim Wheeler of National Review coined an expression that every would-be reformer today should repeat:

The way to get rid of corruption in high places is to get rid of the high places.

Every time government injects itself a little further into the economy, a new opportunity for corruption is created. That's one reason I worry about the growth of government under Presidents Bush and Obama, especially the bailouts and corporate welfare. I regularly see stories at the intersection of business and government that raise my eyebrows. Here are two today:

Chrysler and NASA sign technology deal.

Exxon Gets Export Bank Funding After Paying for Trip: “Exxon Mobil Corp. and its partners in a $15 billion Papua New Guinea gas project last year paid the travel expenses for employees of the U.S. Export-Import Bank as it considered whether to help fund the venture.”

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