‘Things change,’ says Crist

The St. Petersburg Times reports:

Dodging raindrops outside the historic Old Capitol, Gov. Charlie Crist also deftly dodged the daily round of questions about whether he would seek a U.S. Senate seat as an unaffiliated candidate. “Things change,” Crist said when asked how he’d explain a no-party bid after repeatedly saying he would not do so.

Actually, not much has changed. Sure, Crist will try to spin the legislature’s passage and his veto of the Jeb Bush-backed education bill as the event that spurred his decision to run as an independent. But Crist’s office said he supported the bill just three weeks before he vetoed it:

On March 25, at a hearing of the House Pre-K-12 Policy Committee, Crist education policy chief Terry Golden said she supported SB 6 on behalf of the Office of the Governor

Crist has consistently been trailing Rubio by double-digits since January. But with next week’s filing deadline looming now is his time for choosing. And it seems that he will very likely choose to run as an independent.

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