The NFLPA: A lesson in union greed

At the outset of the current fight between the NFL Players Association and NFL owners, ThinkProgress hoped the negotiations would be a lesson on “shared prosperity.” “These negotiations are important not just to NFL fans but to all Americans because they show that collective bargaining — the process where unionized workers and management negotiate wages, benefits, and working conditions — can create significant benefits for both workers and owners,” the Center for American Progress wrote.

It now looks like the labor dispute will be settled before too many cash-rich preseason games are missed, but any fan who has been following negotiations can not believe for a second that the collective bargaining process is anyway to run a business. If the NFL were not a monopoly, the NFLPA would have killed it off years ago the same way unions kill off most non-monopoly firms they infest. But even now that the NFLPA is on the two-yard line of a new agreement, greedy union members are threatening to scuttle the sport for everyone. CBS reports:

There are more problems in the final days of the CBA negotiations between the owners and players and those issues settle around Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

Multiple sources say that Manning, one of the named plaintiffs, wants immediate free agency in order to settle the lawsuit. Those sources also say Brees wants to be a free agent next year. The sources say lawyers for the NFLPA have asked NFL owners for those two things in addition to the reported demands from players Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson.

Brees is scheduled to earn $10 million in 2011 and Manning was tagged for 2011 that would pay him $23 million.

A CBA cannot be agreed upon unless all the plaintiffs settle the case.

To recap, both Brees and Manning have already collected over $100 million in salary from past NFL seasons, but now they are willing to hold everyone up for more money, all thanks to the collective bargaining process. Lesson on “shared prosperity” received.

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