Proposal by Persian Gulf states fails to solve Yemen crisis

President Ali Abdullah Saleh said Monday that he accepts a proposal by the Gulf Arab nations for him to resign as president.

The catch: He says he won't resign until 2013.

“The political leadership of the Yemeni government welcomed Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) efforts to bring an end to the current political impasse in Yemen,” the Yemeni government said in a Monday statement. “In addition, the government commends the efforts of the United States of America and the European Union in supporting the unity, stability and prosperity of the Yemeni homeland.”

The opposition plans more protests against what they say is a defiant leader, who refuses to step down from power.  Increasing prosests have become more violent and deadly over the past month.

The United States has called on Saleh to leave power in a swift, orderly fashion. His fate is of concern to the U.S., because a power vacuum in Yemen is seen as an opportunity for an already active al Qaeda cell there to gain strength.    

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