Politicizing the courts: Obama taps hemp lobbyist/DNC member

Obama’s new U.S. Attorney nominee, Tim Purdon, has an interesting background, as Rob Port reports on our Opinion Zone blog:


After all the hullabaloo from Democrats a couple of years back about President George Bush “politicizing the Justice Department” Obama went and nominated a sitting member of the DNC to be a US Attorney. And before he was a member of the DNC, Purdon was a member of the North Dakota Democratic party’s executive committee. He was also a state chairman for both of John Edwards’ political campaigns

On top of this political background, Port digs up an interesting line from Purdon’s personal disclosure form:

I do not normally perform lobbying services as part of my practice. However, in 2007, I registered with the North Dakota Secretary of State as a lobbyist for Vote Hemp, Inc.

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