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‘Chicano’ and the fight for identity

By Dorany Pineda, Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — Joe Rodriguez was…

Johnson woos hard Brexiters as Gove eclipsed by cocaine ‘regret’

Boris Johnson, the front-runner to succeed Theresa May as U.K. prime minister, pledged a hard line on Brexit — including the option of leaving without a deal.

From wasp nest to California’s biggest fire

By Joseph Serna, Los Angeles Times All he wanted to do was…

Trump gets Mexico deal, once again backs away from tariffs

By Steven T. Dennis, Eric Martin and Nick Wadhams, Bloomberg News WASHINGTON…

D-Day still calls to them, 75 years later

They’re invading Normandy again, 75 years after D-Day. So much has changed. One thing hasn’t.

Veterans working in cannabis denied benefit of GI bill

By Emily Kopp, CQ-Roll Call WASHINGTON — For 75 years, veterans purchasing…

Months after Camp fire, 2 more victims are identified

By Javier Panzar, Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — Butte County officials…

White House directs Hope Hicks, Annie Donaldson not to turn over documents

WASHINGTON — The White House is seeking to bar two more former…

Shouts, tears and 68 ‘yes’ votes push police use-of-force standard through state Assembly

By Ben Christopher, CALmatters For an hour and a half Wednesday morning,…

  • May 31, 2019

Israel’s new elections thrust Netanyahu’s future into turmoil

Reports of Benjamin Netanyahu’s election victory last month turned out to be premature as he failed to form a government and engineered new elections instead.

Iranians set up fake social media accounts to influence U.S. midterm elections

Iranians posing as Americans set up fake accounts on social media platforms between April 2018 and March 2019.

Pelosi slams Facebook over doctored video

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sharply criticized Facebook for not taking down a doctored video of her.

U.S. failing the West when it comes to preventing wildfires

President Donald Trump has laid the blame for out-of-control California wildfires on the state’s “gross mismanagement” of its forests.

Mueller: Investigation did not exonerate Trump

In his first public comments on the Russia investigation, outgoing special counsel Robert S. Mueller III refused Wednesday to clear President Donald Trump.

Hawaii shark attack victim ‘went out for one last swim’

Thomas Smiley seemingly could do anything and enjoyed everything.

Kamala Harris wants to halt state abortion bans before they start

By Emily Cadei, McClatchy Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — As she fights for…

$19.1 billion disaster aid package blocked in the House by a Republican, again

By Jennifer Shutt, CQ-Roll Call WASHINGTON — A second Republican lawmaker has…

Even if California spends millions more on homelessness, here’s why few will notice

By Benjamin Oreskes Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — In a few…

  • May 27, 2019

Abortion debate sparks women’s activism and jumps to the head of 2020 campaign agenda

By Janet Hook, Los Angeles Times WASHINGTON — After Alabama’s governor signed…

  • May 27, 2019

Charter school curbs pass Assembly, but drama foretells compromise

By RicardoCano, CALmatters Legislation that would give local school districts more control…

  • May 26, 2019