On Fox News, Rush Limbaugh praises Palin ignores Pawlenty

Last night, On the Record's Greta Van Susteren of Fox News spoke with conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh over the phone regarding the latest speculation surrounding former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Limbaugh's response:

LIMBAUGH: Greta, the thing about Sarah Palin to me is that she has now learned to relish and to profit from all of the attention, be it negative or positive. And she certainly knows negative attention. She has suffered slings and arrows. She's got the media anal exam unlike any other Republican candidate. And I've never met her. I don't know it appears to me her skin is very thick. I think she now has come to grips with the fact that's part and parcel of the process. But I think what — one of the things that she enjoys is just rubbing it right back in their face. She knows that they are trying to intimidate her into silence, not running perhaps, being quiet or shutting up.

When asked about other GOP potential candidates, Rush called Former Senator Rick Santorum and Congressman Michelle Bachmann “great examples” of candidates that frighten “the Republican establishment,” adding that if he was President Obama, he wouldn't want to run against Palin, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Santorum, or Texas governor Rick Perry.

Limbaugh said he didn't know whether Gingrich had “recovered yet,” from his early campaign missteps, although he noted that, “anything can happen.”

Tim Pawlenty was one of the only 2012 candidates that Limbaugh did not mention while on the air, although he did host Pawlenty on his radio show earlier this month.

Full Fox News video and transcript here




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