Obama to AFL-CIO: I’ll ‘keep on fighting’ to pass card check bill

The Hill:

President Obama told the AFL-CIO on Wednesday that he would “keep on fighting” to pass the controversial “card check” bill.

Obama said during a speech to the labor group’s executive committee meeting that he continued to support the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA, or “card check”) among the litany of proposals he favors to help workers.

“[W]e’re going to keep on fighting to pass the Employee Free Choice Act,” Obama told the union.

“Getting EFCA through the Senate will be tough. It’s always been tough, it’ll continue to be tough. But we’ll keep on pushing,” he said.

Granted a promise from a politician to “keep on pushing” isn’t exactly inspiring for unions. However, there’s still a lot of concern and speculation about what Democrats might do during a lame duck session. Mickey Kaus notes the mixed messaging:

Democratic legislators and their aides are trying to have it both ways–pumping up the possibility of an ambitious “lame duck” session when they’re in base-pleasing mode, then calling it a fantasy when their opponents take them seriously.

Suggested defensive sound bite: “We were only pandering!”

Regardless, a lot of Democrats have hinted they are going to pass card check legislation during a lame duck session. It would be a mistake to totally dismiss the possibility of it happening.

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