Nonprofit launches 'I am not a jet owner' site

A Washington, D.C., group launched a new website,, to combat President Obama's argument that ending tax breaks on the country's top income earners would only hit the finely tailored pockets of the filthy rich. 

The Hispanic Leadership Fund's website argues that ending the tax breaks implemented by President George W. Bush will hurt small businesses, and raps the president for criticizing jet owners – highlighting that 600 private jets flew to Obama's inauguration in January 2009.

“President Obama wants to fool people into believing that he only wants to tax the wealthy,” fund President Mario H. Lopez said. “But the truth is his proposed tax hike will hurt millions of small businesses who must claim business income on their personal tax forms.”

The group describes itself as a nonpartisan organization that promotes limited government and individual freedom. The organization has been highly critical of Obama in the past.

“President Obama thinks that his campaign rhetoric to Latinos will help him win reelection, but the truth is that his policies and broken promises continue to be counter to the interests of Latino communities around the country,” Lopez said.

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