McCain: Leaked memo saying U.S. lacks coherent Iran policy ‘pretty obvious’

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., called for the United States to impose more serious, “meaningful sanctions” against Iran as it moves toward producing a nuclear weapon.

McCain, appearing on Fox New Sunday, said he is not surprised by a memo uncovered by the New York Times, in which Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned that the United States lacks a strategy to deal with Iran and its quest to obtain nuclear arms.

“I didn’t need a secret memo from Mr. Gates to ascertain that,” McCain said. “We do not have a coherent policy. I think that’s pretty obvious. We keep threatening sanctions.”

McCain said the United States must be “willing to pull the trigger on significant sanctions. And then we have to make plans for whatever contingencies follow if those sanctions are not effective.”

McCain suggested acting outside the United Nations by working with America’s European allies to impose sanctions on Iran, perhaps on petroleum products.

When asked about military action, McCain responded, “I think, obviously, every contingency has to be on the table. I think it’s pretty clear that the Israelis cannot live with a nuclear-armed Iran.”

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