Letters from readers: Society leading children down destructive paths

There has been considerable concern along the Peninsula about our recent cluster of teenage depression and suicides. Today’s children are shown TV “science programs” that tell them that our rainforests and our endangered species are dying. They go to school and are told the Earth is dying from global warming, pollution and disease.

The schools tell them that there are too many people on Earth. They come home to learn how we are losing our jobs and maybe our homes. The radio then tells them that the swine flu is a killer and there is a limited supply of protective vaccine.

All this talk may get certain politicians elected and promote “green products” or get contributions for environmental organizations, but maybe we need to start thinking about the influence it has on our children.

Robert Parkhurst, Redwood City

Dufty’s priorities apparent

Supervisor Bevan Dufty has thrown his hat into the ring for the upcoming San Francisco mayor’s race, so it is prudent to closely scrutinize his voting record. Dufty supported the recent legislation to ban handing over to the feds juvenile illegal immigrants charged with felonies but yet to be convicted, despite the tragic lesson and national disgust at the murders of three Bologna family members.

I also note that Dufty supported the well-intentioned but quixotic legislation just passed for San Francisco to provide $150,000 in foreign aid to disaster victims in the Philippines, Samoa and Indonesia. These “go along to get along” votes tell me that Dufty cares more about pleasing his left-leaning counterparts than he does about the welfare of The City residents he apparently wants to lead.

Matt Mitguard, San Francisco

Don’t forget about SF

When will San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors understand that they have no business dictating international affairs or monitoring foreign aid? Instead of thinking that sending overseas disaster victims $150,000 from The City’s general fund makes the supervisors benevolent and generous, please realize that could have helped provide for the endangered lifeline to frail seniors right here. Remember that we are suffering a very deep budget deficit.

Sherrie Matza, San Francisco

Disappointed in library

My local library sports a political mural that could be entitled: “Diversity-Minus-the-White-People.” Inside are 10 books on the wonderful Clintons, but not a one by Ann Coulter or Shelby Steele. Government subsidy brings us so much politically correct “common good” I could scream.

At least Whoopi Goldberg films are not yet mandatory.

Paul Burton, San Francisco

Wrong strategy, GOP

My Republican friends don’t seem to understand that a lot more people in America want to see President Barack Obama succeed than want to see him fail. They might want to take that into account if they think they will win elections on a pro-failure platform.

Marc Perkel, Gilroy

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