Leftist groups plan noon Hill protest

A coaltion of leftist groups, including the Campaign for America’s Future, MoveOn.Org  (which claims as “fact” that “the GOP will hurt America just to undermine Obama”), Rebuild the Dream, and the AFL-CIO are urging their members to attend a noon protest on Capitol Hill for a “Don’t Destroy the American Dream” rally. The groups will be protesting what they characterize as “a disastrous debt deal” that calls for deep spending cuts to offset an increase in the national debt.

The deal hammered out over the weekend by Republicans and Democrats was rejected by President Obama as the clock keeps ticking toward the August 2 deadline.
Protestors plan to show up at various House offices to demand an “immediate” extension of the debt ceiling “with no conditions” in an attempt to stiffen the resolve of any wavering members.

Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future, blamed Republicans for “driving us closer to economic catastrophe.”

None of the groups oppose adding to the $14.3 trillion national debt, which is mostly held by foreign investors even though the sea of red ink threatens the viability of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – the same entitlement programs they claim to champion.

The very real fact is that the mountain of debt already racked up by the federal government threatens to destroy any semblance of the American Dream.

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