It looks like the tea partiers beat the teacher unions in WI, barely

I guess I wrote too soon when in a blogpost earlier today I said that the tea partiers had been defeated by the teacher unions in the Wisconsin state Supreme Court race. The Examiner’s Philip Klein  and the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes now report that Republican Supreme Court Justice David Prosser has picked up a net of 7,000 votes inadvertently unreported previously by the Waukesha County clerk. I can understand that some Democrats are wondering whether this is some kind of fraud, but the clerk, a partisan Republican, had no motive to withhold the votes until now and it should be easy to determine whether the 14,000 votes from the whole city of Brookfield were not included in the original count. And I don’t think anyone is going to argue that everyone in Wisconsin should be able to have their votes counted except the residents of Brookfield. The heavy majority for Prosser among the Brookfield votes should be no surprise: the previously reported returns from Waukesha County, suburban territory west of Milwaukee, showed Prosser leading Democrat Jo Ann Kloppenburg 73%-27%.


I argued in my earlier blogpost that conservatives and tea partiers should not alarmed by the success of the teachers unions and public employee unions to turn out sympathetic voters. That still holds. This result was closer than it should be. Moreover, as Sean Trende points out in a very interesting realclearpolitics blogpost, Kloppenburg appears to have run ahead in the two state Senate districts, one held by a Democrat and one held by a Republican, in which enough signatures have apparently been collected by the other party to trigger a recall election. That means there’s a real chance that the Republican margin in the state Senate could be trimmed from 19-14 to 18-15, which would mean that Democrats would need to recall only two more Republicans to regain a majority.

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