Is the battle almost over in Wisconsin, finally?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the fugitive Wisconsin Democrats plan to return “soon,” as they believe that Gov. Scott Walker and the GOP are suffering politically from their standoff with public-employee unions.  That report is based on an  interview the paper had with Minority Leader Mark Miller.

How soon that will be appears to be in dispute, as the Wall Street Journal report sparked backlash from Wisconsin Democrats who insist that they are not coming back until Walker compromises on public-employee union restrictions

A spokesman for Minority Leader Mark Miller, clarified that although negotiations failed over the weekend, Wisconsin Democrats, “remain hopeful” that Walker will compromise.

Sen. Chris Larson issued a statement scolding the Wall Street Journal for taking Sen. Miller's comments “out of context.”

“Dems will return when collective bargaining is off the table,” Larson's statement continued, “That could be soon based on the growing public opposition to the bill and the recall efforts against Republicans. Unfortunately, the WSJ fished for the quote they wanted, skipping this key step in logic: we won't come back until worker's rights are preserved.”

Senator Bob Jauch, stated  to Reuters that, “I don't know when soon is – at some point we have to say we've done all we can,” and Senator Fred Risser tells the New York Times this morning that “We have always said we would go back eventually.”

In short, the “Battle of Wisconsin” rages on although it is unclear what Democrats plan to do next. 

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