Highlights of the week

Caught at the border
1| Radical Imam tried to enter U.S.
The details: Said Jaziri was caught sneaking into the U.S. from Mexico. Jaziri, a radical Islamic cleric who once issued a death sentence for the Danish cartoonist who drew pictures of the prophet Mohammed, had paid $5,000 to be smuggled in a car's trunk.

At least you have a paycheck
2| Governor calls for shared sacrifice

The details: A police officer complained to Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., during a town hall about his 2 percent raise. Christie’s reply: “You’re getting a paycheck. And there are 9 percent of the people in the state of New Jersey who are not.”

Glimmer of hope
3| Obama blinks on Obamacare

The details: President Obama signaled on Friday that he was at least open to “tweaking” Obamacare, giving Republicans an opening as they begin stripping out its most onerous provisions and preparing for a future set of replacement reforms.

Cancer breakthrough
4| 'Rogue gene' exposed
The details: Scientists at the University of East Anglia have discovered that by blocking a gene called WWP2, they can stop the spread of many late-stage cancers. This could lead to new treatments in the near future.

Real cuts
5| Paul bill proposes $500 billion in cuts this year alone

The details: Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., proposed $500 billion in cuts from the fiscal 2011 budget, providing serious options for cutting spending that go far beyond the toothless spending freeze that President Obama suggested in his State of the Union address.

California legislative update for personal injuries, workplaces

By Chris Dolan, Steven Balogh and Nancy Villatoro

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