Happy Earth Day. Now, go back to Mexico!

Yesterday was Earth Day, an occasion for liberal bloggers to revert to their pristine, primitive state of nature, Lord of the Flies-style, and self-righteously savage their ideological foes who might not swallow the green economic-interventionist agenda, whole hog.  

That this dubious holiday happens to fall upon the anniversary of Vladimir Illych Lenin’s D.O.B. is a fact that hasn’t escaped the conspiracy-minded ever since Earth Day’s inception. This delivers a cudgel into the hands of ecological true believers, a weapon they can use to “whack-a-mole” any peeps of skepticism that might pipe up, to dismiss them as cries from the loony fringe.
There does lurk a sinister driving force behind the movement that proclaimed this Gaia-glowing “festivus,” but it has nothing to do with the Earth Day/Lenin’s bday fluke.  Dig deep around the roots of Earth Day and you’ll find some rather “illiberal” elements worming underneath, lamenting America’s “melting pot,” worrying that too much chorizo might pollute its vegan stew.  
Last Sunday, in a well-timed, run-up-to-Earth Day piece, the New York Times profiled John Tanton, the leading light of the modern immigration restrictionist movement.  The story detailed how Tanton’s doomsday outlook easily segued from the ecological alarmist population control movement of the 1970s to agitating for a clamp down on immigration.  As Tanton immersed himself in the restrictionist movement, he fell under the sway of unsavory characters who were eager to pull out the calipers to decide who they would let squeeze through a sealed border.  

Fearing a public relations debacle, the NYT article quotes some of Tanton’s original cohorts who  take pains to remind that the immigration restriction movement has “progressive” origins, planted in the ecological movement.  

With Tanton’s fellow-travelling well-documented, the Tanton-founded NumbersUSA has sought to make its agenda shine in a sunnier light.  The pressure group even curates a questionable quote from the late Dem. Sen. Gaylord Nelson, the man behind the whole Earth Day idea.  Nelson, a product of his home state Wisconsin’s progressive tradition, is lauded as a liberal icon, but NumbersUSA records a less tolerant manifestation of his “Save the Planet” proselytizing:

“As far as I know, most organizations are avoiding population issues because they're politically frightened by the charge that comes from some proponents of immigration that if you oppose the immigration policy we have now, you're a racist. There is no way in the world we can forge a sustainable society without stabilizing the population. … There's no practical way of stabilizing the population of the U.S. without reducing the immigration rate.”

Comments like this have led even some of Tanton’s uglier associates give Nelson the “green light.”  The extremist VDare.com, ever-vigilant of the “Mexican menace,” goes all soft for Gaylord the Green.

On Earth Day, when “progressive” activists – who yearn to inject some green into a rainbow coalition, even though every tenet of their green agenda isn’t always welcomed in communities of color – revel in coloring even mild skeptics as “mean” if they're not “green,” it’s important to remind the self-righteous acolytes of this solar-powered movement that it has some dark and dank roots.

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