Hank Johnson hearts big business

Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Georgia, says he pushed for the DISCLOSE act, which targets businesses’ political spending, in order to prevent “more Republicans from get[ting] elected.” But as it turns out, big business doesn’t mind Hank Johnson too much, either.

Highlights from Johnson’s fundraising since 2006:

  • AFLAC PAC has given Johnson $22,000.
  • CULAC, the PAC of Credit Union National Association has given Johnson $16,000 since 2006, and spent almost $5000 to get him elected in 2006. Credit Unions sought to be exempted from tough provisions in the financial reform bill, and Johnson signed a letter supporting them.
  • United PARCEL Services Inc. (UPS) PAC spent $5,000 on behalf Johnson in his 2006 congressional run. UPS has given Johnson $11,294 over the last four years.
  • AT&T Inc Federal PAC has donated $8,000 to Johnson.
  • Exxon Mobile’s PAC gave Johnson $2,000.
  • Coca-Cola’s two PACs have given him $7,000.
  • The National Beer Whole Salers Association PAC has given him $16000.
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation Employees PAC has donated $12,000 to Johnson.

Check his FEC reports if you want to know how much money businesses such as Pfizer or PACs such as the Business-Industry PAC donated to Rep. Johnson. Oh, the union money is an interesting read, too.

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