George Stephanopoulos poses 'the Mormon question' to Jon Huntsman

It's tough to be a Mormon interested in running for president. Mitt Romney had to face questions from a skeptical media about a Mormon running president in 2008 and even delivered a campaign speech on the subject.

Now that Jon Huntsman is emerging into the 2012 scene, he is not only facing questions about his Mormonism, but also addressing critics who say that he is not a devout Mormon.

Politico has a piece this morning featuring Huntsman's Mormon critics in Utah, and a prying George Stephanopoulos asked him about his Mormon faith this morning on Good Morning America.

Here is Huntsman's response:

“I believe in God, I'm a good Christian, I'm very proud of my Mormon heritage, I am Morman, today there are 13 million Mormons its a very diverse and heterogeneous cross section of people and I probably add to theat diversity somewhat.”

Watch below:


Read the transcript of the Huntsman interview here

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