Gavin Rossdale’s Bush makes ready for a comeback

Now that the name is fairly safe to bring up in everyday conversation, Gavin Rossdale has laid claim to his old band moniker of Bush again, after years spent in the solo-artist wilderness (and, of course, raising his kids with fellow rock star wife Gwen Stefani).

The group the Brit first formed back in ’92 with guitarist Nigel Pulsford now boasts the lineup of Rossdale on guitar/vocals, Chris Traynor on guitar, drummer Robin Goodridge and bassist Corey Britz. And they’re releasing their first album in a decade, “Sea Of Memories,” on Sept. 13, on Zuma Rock Records through eOne Music.

Bush will be performing the album’s first single, “The Sound Of Winter,” July 21 on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with a full tour to be announced shortly.

Forgot all about Bush, you say?

Here’s a quick primer: In their heyday, they sold over 16 million albums and logged no less than 14 Top 40 singles, including “Comedown,” “Glycerine,” “Swallowed” and “The Chemicals Between Us.” And while they were initially accused of piggybacking on the Seattle’s grunge movement, the truly brainy Rossdale was always much more inventive and boundary-pushing than that.

As he’s recently stated about the new direction of “Sea Of Memories,” “It would’ve been safe to just rework (1994’s debut album) “Sixteen Stone” over and over, but what kind of life would that be?… I like the idea of art changing, developing and morphing.”

This Bush we can all welcome back at

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