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Join Our New Membership Program

Proclaim your commitment to local San Francisco Bay Area news, culture and sports coverage and we will reward you with a curated selection of Examiner experiences and gifts including classes taught by our journalists, event discounts, behind-the-scenes visits to our newsroom, a “Local News, Made Locally” sticker and more.

What’s Not Changing:
We provide award-winning, locally-sourced journalism and commentary online, in print and through digital newsletters and our mobile app. Our compelling San Francisco Bay Area storytelling is different, relevant and always free. Every minute. Every day.

What’s New:
We are offering a membership program for you to show your affection and love for The Examiner and our dedication to local, San Francisco Bay Area news by our staff journalists, photographers and community columnists. In return, we will show our gratitude with special benefits depending on the level of membership you choose. Your money will help pay for the cost of news gathering.

Here’s How To Join:

Working – $40/yr

  • A sticker designed by our awesome art director
  • Members only updates from the newsroom

Headliner – $100/yr

Everything included in levels above plus:

  • Exclusive access to classes taught by our journalists
  • Free 1/20 ad in The Examiner to give a (kind) shoutout to a loved one

Above The Fold – $250/yr

Everything included in levels above plus:

  • A chance to tour our San Francisco printing press. (Yes, we are made in SF)
  • A “Local News, Made Locally” pin designed by our still awesome art director
  • Behind-the -scenes visit to the newsroom
  • Free access to the archives of 12,000 newspaper s dating back to the 1700s

Page Turner – $500/yr

Everything included in levels above plus:

  • Discounts, VIP access, to sporting and cultural events
  • Invitations to small gatherings of our journalists

Stop The Presses! – $1,000/yr

Everything included in levels above plus:

  • A chance to join an intimate wine-tasting with The Examiner wine columnist
  • Invitation to dinner with The San Francisco Media Co. publisher and editor-in-chief


Do my membership benefits expire?
Yes. But don’t worry, we will send a reminder when your annual renewal time approaches.

Are you going to share my contact information with others?
No. We respect your privacy and will never share your personal information

How will I learn about events?
We will email special invitations directly to you.

Is my membership fee tax-deductible?
No, The San Francisco Media Co. is a for-profit corporation, and intends to stay that way.

Can I mail in my membership fee instead of paying online?
Yes. Send to:​

The San Francisco Media Co.
835 Market St. Suite 550
San Francisco, CA 94103
Attention: Examiner Membership

Can I pay more than the upper limit?
Of course. Your perks will be at the highest level, as will our gratitude.

You still accept paid advertising, right?
Yes. We love our advertisers and offer a menu of packages. Find out more: advertise@sfmediaco.com

Does joining automatically guarantee home delivery of the paper?
No. If you are not receiving the print edition at home, contact ​circulation@sfmediaco.com​ to find out if you are in the delivery zone.

More questions?
Reach us at ​membership@sfmediaco.com