Your Multitasking Home Can Look As Great As It Works!

If you’ve already worked hard to maximize both the form and function of your home, the recent addition of “office” and “classroom” to its daily uses likely has you looking for some innovative ideas!

In fact, in a city where homes have been on the compact side for years, furnishings that work hard – and look good while doing it – are key.

No wonder, then, that San Francisco’s Murphy Bed showroom is fielding more and more queries about multi-purpose cabinet beds and desks, says Eric Partridge, owner of San Francisco Wallbeds ‘n’ More.

At home in the heart of San Francisco’s Design District since 2017, Partridge is excited about the store’s September move to the Mission District – making them one of the first furniture stores to return to the popular neighborhood.

“The Mission is one of the neighborhoods in San Francisco where a high number of people may moved here for work and may have a small one-bedroom, and now find themselves working from home,” Partridge says, adding that the Murphy bed actually originated in San Francisco.

It’s safe to say, however, that today’s wall and cabinet beds likely look quite different from those early days.

The value to their owners can also be considerable. While some use the beds as a selling feature when listing their home before a move, others make sure to remove them and bring them along to their new home. “Today it’s a whole different thing. You can buy one of these wallbeds and you can move it and take it with you!”

How to choose the best Wallbed

Ingenious multi-tasking furniture

More than simply a bed that hides up and out of the way when you’re not sleeping, today’s wall and cabinet beds offer all manner of ingenious storage options.

Some include closet and drawer space, others built-in bedside tables or dining table – one design even includes a permanent desk that doesn’t need clearing off before bringing your bed down for the night.

“There’s a lot we can do with wallbeds and with cabinet beds as well,” Partridge notes. “We can create a variety of solutions within some quite small spaces, but the biggest thing we need to work with is the dimensions of your space and other existing furnishings.”

Quality is key

For a piece of furniture designed to do double, or even triple-duty, it’s essential to have quality materials and design, backed by a comprehensive warranty.

“Our wallbeds are made of real wood and quality finishes unique to the manufacturers we work with, both right here in California,” Partridge says.

For added peace of mind, “you want to buy from someone you know you can rely on – we’re here and we’re in the neighborhood!”

To discover multi-tasking possibilities for your space, visit San Francisco Wallbeds ‘n’ More online at, call 415-660-6239 or click here to book your appointment today.

The showroom is open Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and weekends by appointment, with the new showroom opening soon at 2675 Mission St.

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