Why Now Is The Best Time to Junk a Car for Cash in Recent Memory

Was your car recently totaled in an accident? Do you have a car on your property that won’t start? Now might be the best time to sell your junk car. Many current events have caused the price of junk cars to skyrocket, and you can get great value for your vehicle today.

Let’s discuss why now is the best time to junk a car for cash in recent memory.

The Pandemic’s Effect on the Auto Recycling Industry


The Coronavirus pandemic has transformed our daily lives. The economic downturn during the crisis severely impacted many industries. Luckily, the auto recycling industry has been extremely resilient during these times, experiencing an increase in the value of used parts and scrap metal.

As fewer people purchase new cars and fewer new parts are available, there has been an increased demand for recycled automotive parts and scrap metal throughout the United States.

Factories are Making Fewer New Parts


One of the most significant impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic was the closure of factories, which significantly impacted automotive part manufacturers worldwide, often causing a halt in manufacturing.

This reduction of imported and exported parts caused a shortage in the United States. Due to this shortage, automotive recyclers saw an increased need for recycled parts due to the lack of new pieces from overseas manufacturers.

Customers Stopped Buying New Cars


The pandemic caused uncertainty. People were unsure if they could work, and most families have been avoiding large purchases. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed auto industry sales for the first time in 6 years.

Most automobile owners were content with repairing and maintaining their current vehicles during the pandemic. These repairs also contributed to the shortage of parts throughout the country,

Less Driving Means Less Junk Cars


During the pandemic, there was less driving than usual. Working from home helped many car owners eliminate the need for a car. Closures and quarantines prevented many people from leaving their homes.

This decrease resulted in fewer accidents and totaled vehicles. While this is good news for the drivers, automotive recycling companies lost this source of parts and scrap. Without this source of materials, recyclers need to find a new source of parts and scrap metal.

Rising Demand and Costs of Scrap Metal


Even before the pandemic, the price of scrap metal was rising quickly. Tariffs caused an increase in price for imported steel and aluminum, resulting in shops searching for pieces and scrap metal locally. The high demand and shortage of parts caused rising prices for junk cars during this time.

Don’t Wait to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash


Now might be the ideal time to junk your unwanted vehicle. While we are still in the pandemic and the future seems uncertain, things look brighter.

As more and more countries reopen and their industries start up, new parts will be readily available. Import tariffs could change any day and lower the price of imported parts, steel, and aluminum. As traffic increases, more totaled vehicles will end up in junk yards as well.

No one knows the industry’s future, but now is a great time to get rid of your junk car for cash.

How Much Is Your Junk Car Worth?


Have you been thinking of junking your car? With the current prices of scrap metal and used parts skyrocketing, we say yes. You can get top dollar and get rid of your unwanted junk vehicle. But of course, several factors will determine the value of the car, including the following:

  • ● Your location can affect the value of scrap metal and parts
  • ● Year, make, and model of the vehicle. Some vehicles have a high demand for parts
  • ● The condition of the car will determine the value of parts and scrap metal

Is Now the Best Time to Junk a Car for Cash?


We live in uncertain times. This pandemic changed the way the world operates forever, and we will feel the impact for years. The automotive industry has particularly been impacted and seen a sharp increase in demand for used parts and scrap metal.

This demand for parts has increased the value of junk cars. Most automotive recyclers will pay top dollar for any junk vehicle now. If you have a junk car you want to get rid of, now is the best time to sell it for cash in recent memory.

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