Blaux Heater – Why do I need this mini ceramic heater?

Basically the Blaux Heater device is a small ceramic heater. But on closer inspection the small heater is only one of the functions of the Blaux Heater. The device works like a heater fan, which constantly sucks in air and lets it out again. During this process the air is cleaned by a filter. This also makes everyday life easier for people with pollen or house dust allergies during the months of the year when the symptoms are more severe. The small heater is made of ceramic, so that nothing should stand in the way of its use for several years. Operated like the Blaux Heater simply in mains operation, so that neither electricity nor recharging a battery is necessary. The manufacturer promises an easy handling. After the plug is in the socket, the heater fan can be put into operation directly.

Blaux Heater

Why do I need this mini ceramic heater?

The target group for the Blaux Heater is very large. In private households the small heater is just as useful as in the office or a workshop. Especially in offices that are shared by several people, there is often a dispute about the best time to turn on the heater. With the Blaux Heater you can save yourself these discussions in the future and still not have to freeze. Another place of use is for all unheated rooms. If you have a garden house or a hobby workshop in the garage or cellar, the use of these rooms depends on the temperature. The small heater can make sure that you no longer have to wear winter sweaters at home.

Within the household, architecture has changed a lot in the last few years. Kitchen, dining room and living room are currently no longer separate rooms. The living kitchen can easily have a size of 40 m² and more. To provide a comfortable warmth with a number of two or three radiators is rather difficult at low outside temperatures. The fan heater can be an alternative to a fireplace. While in many apartments this is associated with high costs for the conversion, only a free power outlet is needed to operate the Blaux mini heaters. The handy shape should also make it easier for you to take the heater fan into another room if necessary.

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Blaux Heater technical facts

  • Ceramic fan heater with a maximum power of 1200 watts
  • 2 heating levels
  • 1 setting without heat
  • Automatic switch-off after falling over
  • stand-by operation possible
  • inclusive timer function
  • Power supply by mains operation

Blaux Heater quality features

The Blaux Heater is manufactured abroad. Accordingly, you will not find the regular seals of quality such as the CE mark on this product. This circumstance does not have to speak for a lower quality of the mini-heater. In terms of safety, however, the manufacturer apparently leaves nothing to chance. The device can remain in the socket for a longer period of time in stand-by mode. If you want to be on the safe side before a longer absence, you will find the off switch on the back, which also cuts off the power supply.

If there are children or animals in your household, you do not need to be concerned. The manufacturer has set the heater fan to switch off automatically if the appliance is not in the desired upright position. There is therefore no risk of fire from appliances that have been damaged by a fall. Keeping a constant eye on the small heater during use should therefore not be necessary. Click here and discover the current discount!

Blaux Heater customer reviews

The small heater scores very well at first sight on design and technical facts. The manufacturer has designed the Blaux Heater so that the heater fan delivers both warm air and cooler air to the room. This allows dual use, which means that the small heater does not have to disappear into a cupboard or drawer after the end of winter. When used as a fan, the cooler air is only one of the advantages of the product. The air is also passed through the filter in this setting. There small particles like:

  • dust
  • pollen and
  • Dirt

stick. This can help to make the stress for allergy sufferers during the pollen flight more bearable.

The easy handling is also a factor that can be a plus for you in your everyday life. While the regular radiators sometimes need an hour until the heat is distributed in the room, you should have the feeling that the temperature in the room has risen significantly after a few minutes when you are near the Blaux Heater fan heater. This has the advantage that you will be able to bridge the time until the other radiators reach the desired temperature much better in the future. If you set the radiators to a low setting before leaving the house to save energy, you will still not have to freeze after returning home because of the small heater.

Blaux Heater

Blaux Heater Reviews are currently still very scarce on the Internet. The small heater has only recently come on the market, so it will probably take a few more weeks or months until the first buyers will tell about their own experiences during the autumn and winter. Conversely, this gives you the opportunity to make your own unbiased test. This way you can see for yourself how quickly the small heater distributes the heat in the room and dispels the feeling of cold. You can also publish the result of your test as a comment on the internet to make it easier for other buyers to decide for or against this small heater from Blaux. More customer reviews can be found by clicking this link!

Where can I buy Blaux Heater?

If you decide to buy the Blaux Heater mini heater, you will find it currently only on the website of the manufacturer for sale. This does not prove to be a disadvantage for you. Since there are also black sheep in the industry that sell fake heaters, it is safer to buy the small heater directly from the manufacturer. On the website you can first inform yourself about the product and then you can access the purchase form via a link. Here you enter the number of units you want to buy and in the second step you can choose the desired payment method.

At the moment you can choose between single mini heaters for more heat or a set. In the sets you will find a number between two and four heaters. If you don’t want to take the Blaux Heater with you into the next room all the time, you can place a small heater in each room where you want more warmth. If you decide to buy the Blaux Heater today, with a little luck the currently available discount is still valid. With this discount you can save half of the recommended retail price. For the purchase it is helpful if you have a credit card. Accepted are among others:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa or
  • American Express.

With the input of the payment data the order is completed. Due to the delivery from abroad you should be patient, because the arrival of the Blaux Heater is not necessarily expected within the next days.

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Who is the supplier of the product?

Below you will find more information about the manufacturer of the Blaux Heater:


62543, G/F Bamboos Centre

52 Hung to Road, Kwung Tong

Hong Kong


Since the manufacturer’s registered office is located abroad, the place of jurisdiction is also located there. This means that if you have a problem, such as a claim where you do not get your money back, you would have to file a lawsuit in Hong Kong. Before this happens, it is helpful to contact the manufacturer’s customer support department first. This can be done by e-mail, so that the time difference is not a problem.

The company headquarters abroad also plays a role in the return shipment. If you want to return the small heater to the seller, you should allow enough time for this. This will ensure that you keep to the time limits for returning the heater and get your money back as desired.

Mini Ceramic Heater information

Mini heaters like the Blaux Heater are primarily used to find a quick and unproblematic solution for an acute problem. If the number of heaters in a room is not sufficient for a quick heating up or if there are no radiators at all, the classical solutions always cause structural changes and high costs. In the meantime, mini heaters hold a solution ready. This is also practical for tenants who are not in a position to make these structural changes themselves.

A small heater can also be recognized by its handy dimensions. Several of the alternative radiators can be easily lifted and used in different rooms. To achieve constant energy consumption, mains operation is still the preferred choice. The use of accumulators or batteries is not comparable with the simple use of the combination of plug and socket. After the rise in temperatures in spring, it is easy to find a storage place for the mini-heater in a cupboard or shelf. You should therefore not encounter space problems with a mini-heater.


Q: Can the Blaux Heater replace a regular heater?

A: A small heater is more suitable as a supplement to the regular radiators. In an unheated room like a workshop in the basement or the garden house, the mini-heater can be used to prevent freezing even when temperatures drop. The product is also suitable for bridging the time until a radiator is repaired.

Q: Does the heater fan have to be supervised permanently?

A: You do not have to be permanently near the Blaux Heater. If you leave the house, it is better to make sure that the device is either disconnected from the power supply or in stand-by mode. Additionally you can use the timer. After three hours at the latest, the small heater switches off automatically.

Q: Is the small heater suitable for continuous operation?

A: Theoretically it is possible to run the device for a longer period of time. However, in direct comparison to radiators that are switched on daily for months, the mini-heater takes the short cut. In this case it is advisable to give the heater fan a break in between to avoid overheating.

Q: How much energy does the Blaux Heater consume?

A: The power in the first stage is 700 watts. In the second stage 1200 watts are required to operate the mini-heater. The energy consumption therefore depends on the individual use.

Q: How is the mini heater supplied with energy?

A: The Blaux Heater is operated in mains mode. The plug supplies the small heater reliably with energy for all three settings of the device.

Q: Does the heater fan distribute dust and allergens in the room?

A: The Blaux Heater heater fan has a filter. Dirt such as house dust or pollen gets caught in it and is not released back into the air. You should clean the filter from time to time to prevent bad smells.

Q: Does the Blaux Heater have additional functions?

A: In the third stage the Blaux Heater can be used as an air conditioner as well as an air purifier. The air is not warmed, so that the outgoing air is perceived as rather cool.

Q: How safe is it to use the Blaux Heater?

A: To be on the safe side, the heatcore is automatically switched off after a fall. The Blaux Heater is therefore not associated with increased dangers in households with small children or pets.

Final Verdict

What immediately catches the eye when looking at the technical details of the Blaux Heater is the easy handling of the mini heaters. The Blaux Heater has a total of three different settings. The first two settings refer to the mini-heater. The cool room air is first sucked in and warmed up inside the device. Finally the heated air is released again. Near the mini-heater, the manufacturer promises you that you will feel significantly warmer after only a few minutes. The first stage corresponds to a medium heat development with an energy consumption of 700 watts, which is suitable for autumn and spring. In the second stage, the energy consumption increases to 1200 watts, which makes the heat development suitable for the winter as well.

The third setting works on the same principle, but this time the air is not heated. This is suitable for cooling down in summer, because the air emitted from the Blaux Heater is perceived as cool on the skin, comparable to an air conditioner. Has it ever happened to you that you forgot to switch off a household appliance? This small heater from Blaux has a built-in timer as a precaution. The time periods range from one hour to three hours. Once this period has expired, the Blaux Heater mini-heater turns itself off by itself.

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