We need “SUPER” international cooperation to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic

—Wang Donghua, Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco

While China is making good progress in its efforts to the COVID-19 prevent and control, he epidemic is spreading in more countries across the world. Hence, the WHO has declared COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. All that has happened shows that the COVID-19 outbreak is a common challenge for the entire humanity, which requires collective response by the international community. China is ready to work with members of international community to contain the pandemic through “SUPER” cooperation.

The “S” in “SUPER” means “Supplies”

At the initial stage of the epidemic prevention and control, China experienced a shortage of medical supplies such as masks and detection kits. A number of international partners including many US enterprises, social communities and individuals reached out helping hands to China and donated a large amount of medical supplies, for which China is deeply grateful.

Now, the COVID-19 outbreak has become a pandemic and many other countries have met the same difficulties as China did. China can feel the anxiety and pain the world is experiencing. As an important and responsible part of the global industry chain, China is accelerating its production. It has donated masks, medicines, protective suits and other supplies and exported medical supplies and equipment to some countries in urgent need. The local governments and civil organizations in China are all extending a helping hand overseas. While fighting hard against the epidemic at home, China is ready to offer as much help as it can to countries in need.

The “U” in “SUPER” means “Unity”

Virus respects no border, race or ideology, members of the international community need to be united in their response to such pandemic and no country is able to tackle the problem on its own. Only by working together can they achieve the success in containing the pandemic. Fighting separately will only accelerate the spread of pandemic and cause more death. After the outbreak of COVID-19, China has been working with the WHO and relevant countries including the US in an open, transparent and responsible manner, and shared information on the virus timely. We believe that if China and the US strength cooperation in their efforts to contain the epidemic, an extraordinary difference will be made.

The WHO has repeatedly stressed that global unity and cooperation is the “key” to fight against the epidemic. In the fight against pandemic, the international community should not wait but further strengthen unity and cooperation, and fully respect the coordinating role of the international agencies such as the WHO.

The “P” in “SUPER” means “People”

Under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese government has stayed firmly putting people first and relying on people in their fight against the outbreak. We have taken the most comprehensive, vigorous and stringent measures to prevent the spread of the virus, including “Wuhan Lockdown”, building two hospitals in 10 days to accommodate severely ill patients, converting stadiums and convention centers into mobile cabin hospitals with tens of thousands of beds for patients with mild symptoms and etc. In order to protect the health and safety of the people in China and the world, China has made tremendous efforts and sacrifice.

By relying on people, China has started a “people’s war” against the COVID-19 epidemic, and heart-warming scenes are everywhere to see: thousands of doctors and nurses from other parts of China have been rushing to Hubei province. Medical supplies factories have been back in production from their Spring Festival holidays, and many ordinary people have been staying home to prevent a possible spread of the virus. Those measures have achieved remarkable results. Today, the epidemic in mainland China has been effectively controlled and the peak of the epidemic has passed. As a responsible country, China and the Chinese people have built a Great Wall of disease control for the world.

The fight against the COVID-19 epidemic requires cooperation among the people all over the world. As long as everyone spares no effort to take correct measures in accordance with the requirements of the health sector, the Covid-19 pandemic will be curbed definitely.

The “E” in “SUPER” means “experience”

Experience sharing is an important part of the epidemic prevention and control cooperation. When fighting against the epidemic, China has accumulated a lot of useful experiences and practices, which we are willing to share with the rest of the world.

China has so far issued seven guidelines on COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment and six guidelines on prevention and control, all of which have been translated into multiple foreign languages. We’ve discussed our work against the epidemic in video conferences with the European Union, ASEAN, African Union and other countries and international organizations. We will continue to enhance exchanges and mutual learning with other countries and international organizations to jointly improve public health at both regional and international level.

The “R” in “SUPER” means “respect”

The forceful and vigorous measures for prevention and control China has taken has taken provided a “Window of Opportunity” for the world. We don’t expect appreciations from others for what we have done, but oppose the acts of some people to stigmatize China’s efforts out of ideological bias. In some places, discrimination and stigmatization against the Chinese community have surfaced. And some people deliberately called the novel coronavirus as “Wuhan virus” or even “Chinese virus”. Such irrational behavior does not help the effort for the epidemic prevention and control, and will only exacerbate social disruption. The virus is understandably a source of concern, but it should not be exploited as an excuse for xenophobia or even racial discrimination. At the critical time of working hard to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the efforts of every country and individual are important and respectable. Preventing the man-made viruses such as “racist viruses” and “false information viruses” is just as important as preventing the natural coronavirus as well.

In the globalized era, we all live in a community with a shared future. “untied we stand or survive, divided we fall”. To win the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, China would like to promote “SUPER” international cooperation with all the countries including the US.

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