Use These Strategies To Keep Yourself Busy During Social Distancing

The other day, I found myself asking what we used to talk about before CoVid19 took over our minds. Unfortunately, the virus is going to be on our minds for a while longer, with authorities advising social distancing. We are pretty much going to be cooped up in our home for our own safety and the safety of others.

For some people, it feels like a blessing in disguise. But for others, staying home is frustrating, boring, and lonely.

The good news is that it can actually be a good opportunity to get to know yourself better. You can dedicate some time to learning to be with yourself. And one way to get closer to yourself without feeling frustrated is by pursuing projects you just haven’t had time for.

Consider doing the following projects to keep yourself busy during social distancing.

DIY Interior Designs

You are going to become better acquainted with your home than ever before. Might as well take the opportunity to redo some of your interior design. A lot of us feel like the interiors of our homes are fairly formulaic and don’t really represent us. But there are ways to change this without spending a lot of money.

Do some DIY projects to make your home the perfect showcase for your personality. There are tons of ideas on this DIY website that will really impress you. Try upcycling – reusing items that no longer serve their original purpose.

Take a course

I have always wanted to know how to sing better. I don’t want to become a singer, as I know I will never be a particularly good one. However, I want better control and to know more about how to use my voice intentionally. A few days ago, I went online and found a course for people on my level. This is not something I would have spent time or money on usually, but because I need to focus more on myself anyway, I might as well make the most of it.

There are tons of free and paid courses online that will teach you anything from basic scientific principles to complex ideas. They will train you in skills you have always wanted, or that you have just heard of (I know someone learning Mongolian throat singing!). You will feel incredibly fulfilled just by tracking your progress during this time.

Reconnect with distant friends

As I’ve gotten older, a lot of my friends have moved to different parts of the world. I don’t get to speak to them all that often, because we tend to miss each other due to different time zones. Now, however, a lot of people are at home all day, and it is much easier to make those phone calls.

This is a great chance to reconnect with old friends who had a formative impact on your life. You may be in a different part of the world, but you have as much ability to contact them as you are your friends at home.

This situation doesn’t have to be all bad. You can use this time while social distancing to focus on projects you have always wanted to do.

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