How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free with the Number of the Cell Phone

Want to quickly find a cell phone’s location by typing it in? It’s not hard. You just need the right software or service. We explain how phone number tracking works in this article, starting with some important information first.

Part 1: Why Do People Track a Cell Phone’s Location?

There are multiple scenarios where people wish to track someone’s location:

  • They’re parents who want to keep their kids or teens safe.
  • They’re in a relationship and think their partner might be cheating.
  • They’re an employer making sure a problem employee hasn’t wandered off-site.

How do you track a cell phone’s location for free with the number of the cell phone? Reverse phone lookup services let you do that. But they won’t track a phone in real-time, nor can they provide a precise location. Is there another option?

Part 2: How to Find the Phone Location Using a Mobile Tracker Solution

You could use a specialized mobile tracker solution such as Spyine to find someone’s location by cell phone number. This works remotely from your web browser. You install the app and then receive periodic location updates on the target device.

Spyine works with Android and iOS devices. It’s a recognized brand with a million users worldwide and can be seen on platforms like TechCrunch, TheVerge, and Tom’s Guide. The app has a web-based interface that you can access via any smartphone or PC.

2.1 How Spyine Tracks Android and iOS Devices

Once you install Spyine, you will be able to track the cell phone’s location from your web browser. The installation works slightly differently depending on whether you are tracking an Android or iOS device.

For Android devices, you will need to download and install a small app on the target device. This app sends location data to your web dashboard at periodic intervals. Installing it is fast, easy, and safe. Once you install it, you never have to touch the device again.

In the case of iPhones and iPads, Spyine works as a remote web-based device. You will need the target device’s iCloud credentials. The app will extract the iCloud backup to bring you relevant data, including location updates.

2.2 Spyine Packs in Several Useful Features

With Spyine, you can track any phone number with pinpoint precision:

  • Get real-time updates: You can view the device movements as they happen in real-time. Every time the phone enters a different location, the data gets tagged. You can view locations as pins on an interactive map.
  • Check location log: The location log at the bottom of the page will track important location-related information. You can view the exact location address, the geographical coordinates, and the time and date of entry.
  • Use 3D Street View: The app allows you to use Google Maps features like 3D Street View. You can take an up-close look at any location you’re interested in. You may be able to learn more about the phone user’s movements.
  • Set up geofences: The geofence allows you to create a watched perimeter around a particular location. When the device enters the zone or leaves it, you will receive notifications. It’s a great way to track anyone without constantly being on your phone.
  • Check SIM information: The SIM tracking option shows you the phone’s movements based on the SIM card information. You can also get important SIM data like the IMEI number, the MCC, and more.

2.3 Top Advantages

Here are some of the top advantages of using Spyine’s location tracking feature:

1. It’s easy to install and use

You can install Spyine in a short time. You just sign up for an account and follow the on-screen instructions. The whole process takes only a few minutes. At no point do you have to root or jailbreak the target device, as some location trackers require you to do.

2. You receive other tracking features

Besides location tracking, Spyine can also track phone calls, contacts, social media, installed apps, web browser history, and much more. This makes Spyine a favorite with parents who want to keep an eye on their kids.

3. The app is trustworthy

With over a million app downloads worldwide, Spyine is as trustworthy as it gets. Further, the app won’t store your personal data or share it with anyone. No one but you has access to your data. The developers or any third party can’t touch it.

2.4 Some Limitations

Spyine has some drawbacks common with phone number tracker software. You won’t be able to enter a phone number to track it. Instead, the app works to track the phone number via the SIM card signal. Further, this app requires the target device to connect to the internet periodically.

You can check out Spyine’s live location tracking demo here before you download the app.


The best, most straightforward way to track a cell phone’s location is by using a location tracking solution like Spyine. It requires no technical knowledge, it’s safe, and it works well. You can track any number anywhere in minutes.

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