Top 5 Plasma Cutters of 2019

These devices are considered universal tools: they are used for operating any metals. The technology allows making fast and high-quality processing, avoiding the thermal deformation of the workpiece. Other benefits include safety, although it all varies on the device. Our plasma cutter reviews include the best items by cost, weight, functionality, and reliability.


1) Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 1538


Voltage: 380 V

Cutting current: 30 – 100 A

Size: 455×301×640

Weight: 36 kg.

The device is suitable for operating various materials up to 35 mm thick. Thanks to the carbon electrode, air-arc gouging is also possible. The device is connected to a 220 V network and fully complies with European standards. The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty.

Minimal heating of the metal and the absence of deformations allow avoiding additional operations. So, the price of the finished product is minimal.

2) Svarog CUT 40B (R34)


Power: 3.84 kW.

Voltage: 220 V.

Size: 425 × 205 × 355 mm.

The device is designed to work with thin sheet metal. It is lightweight and easy to manage. If you need a compact gadget for working with metals of small thickness, you can choose this type of cutter. They take a little energy, light and has a normal size.

3) Aurora Pro Airforce 60 Igbt


Voltage: 380 V.

Current: 60 A.

The maximum thickness of the cutting surface is 20 mm. You can work with any grades of material that conduct current. “If speed is important to you, do not forget about such an indicator as the duration of work without overheating, so this device will be useful for you”, says jons guide.


4) Lotos LTP5000D


Weight: 10.2 kg

This is a portable and compact gadget. The 50-amp current produced by the digital converter, as well as the powerful MOSFET transistor, provide efficient operating of mild steel 16 mm thick and 12 mm stainless steel or aluminum.

The device automatically adjusts to the voltage and frequency of the network. The arc does not contact the metal, which allows operating rusty, unprocessed and painted materials. The device is safe to use. Compressed air used is not harmful to humans.

5) Miller Spectrum 625 X-treme


Voltage: 120-240 V

Power consumption: 6.3 kW

Weight: 10.5 kg

This is a small machine powerful enough for working with various types of steel, aluminum, and other current-conducting metals. Lightweight and compact design make the device highly portable.

The nominal cutting thickness at a current of 40 A is 16 mm at a speed of 330 mm/min, and the maximum is 22.2 mm at 130 mm/min. The reliability of the Miller 625 is provided by Wind Tunnel technology. Thanks to the integrated high-speed fan, dust does not enter the device. LED indicators inform about pressure, temperature, and power.

Buying any technical equipment is a matter of risk. Take your time to study the technical characteristics so you will be sure about your purchase.

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