Top 4 Websites Where You Can Hire Essay Writers


The popularity of services allowing hiring an essay writer is booming. Experts believe there were over a hundred of such essay websites in the US and UK last year. Their numbers began their explosive growth more than a decade ago, with education processes moving online.

Based on the recent study conducted by a student web service, there are 4 top websites that host essay writers for hire which are constantly occupying top positions in several domestic and international ratings. Four independent journalists were tasked with assessing these essay services and reporting on their findings. All four were allocated a budget to hire an essay writer to get the real life experience. You can find a brief description of the services below, followed by an in-depth report on each of them. – is known for best price to quality ratio and ease of use. – trustworthiness, reliability, quality, communications. – offers top writers and a huge variety of disciplines covered. – reliable, affordable and top-notch customer support.

In 2020, a new factor played a critical role in their increasing popularity – due to the COVID-19 pressure, many academic institutions had to shut down and to go online, which translated to more writing assignments for students, such as essays, and a lesser control from the teachers.

Here’s how hiring a writer online can help students to keep up with the ever increasing pace of online education pressure – it’s time to get some details on the key players on the market of academic writers for hire.


Reviewed by essay expert Michael Adwell

“I should say that examining and testing 99papers turned out to be a rather nice experience, in terms of dealing with the online resources offering essay writers for hire.

Their website’s front page was clear and straightforward. It was not overloaded with information or excessive graphics (which is so typical among most sites hosting essay writers for hire), but instead had just enough info to easily get to know their service and benefits – affordable essay prices, fast delivery, ease of hiring a writer, and unprecedented customization backed up by a flexible service model). I had no difficulty navigating across sub-pages reading about placing an order, an option of chatting with an essay writer, quality guarantee, hiring procedure, FAQ, and others.

The fastest delivery speed they promised was 3 hours. Not bad at all. It’s good to know that the price tag for that kind of speed was rather cheap – their minimum price of $9.95 per essay page.

When I was ready to make an order I called their customer support. The support agent, Jessica, was very professional and helpful. She noted down the requirements for my essay, we discussed the terms and the deadline. In the end, she asked if I want to hire a writer directly from the available pool or if I would like to rely on her recommendation. I chose to select the writer myself based on the subject of my essay and the writer’s profile.

Within an hour I was emailed a link to chat with my hired essay writer – I skipped that option to save time since I already settled all the details with the customer support. The next day, some 2 hours before the deadline, I had the custom-made essay in my email box. That was really fast and the quality was up to par.

All in all, a smooth and satisfying experience. There is also an option to submit an unfinished essay, an essay with an introduction only – are very flexible in this sense, and “hiring a writer” service is designed to accommodate for such variability.

If I were picky I would like to see examples of their works first, or a database of essay samples, but for the price and the reputation, this is not something I regret not doing, really.”

Extra perks: “Hire writer options” – hire by yourself or rely on customer support expert recommendation. Pricing starts at $9.95 per essay page (or minimum hired writers’ work).


  • Some of the cheapest essay rates on the market
  • Flexible hiring approach
  • Communication with a hired writer
  • Great essay customization and pricing model
  • Fast delivery


Reviewed by essay expert Jacob Ausley

“With no exaggeration, BookwormLab is a legendary essay service hosting some of the best writers for hire. It has been on the market since 2008. Millions of customers served over this period, no lack of user reviews, and leading position in many independent essay services rankings – this is all about

I have used their service more than once, and I cannot recall any issues neither with a custom essay quality nor with communicating with a writer. On the first occasion, they wrote a short essay for me in my Sociology major while in college. The second time I was contacting them was about a case study for my journalist assignment – that was done quickly and professionally too. I remember communicating with the writer I hired to give my feedback personally. Overall, a pleasant and satisfying experience ordering from BookwormLab.

Another thing worth noting is their Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. These people value their reputation above all. That is why they offer a full refund followed by a free of charge hire of another writer if you are not happy with the initial essay quality.

Their pool of writers for hire is one of the biggest on the market. All writers undergo a strict selection and biannual assessment process. When placing an order, by default you will be assigned the best suitable and currently available essay writer. Nevertheless, there is always an option to manually hire the best writer – just make sure to select this option when filling in your essay order form.

BookwormLab also offers several extra features, such as a collection of free essay samples meticulously organized by topics and authors, editing and proofreading, communication with your hired writer, discounts for returning customers, extra fast essay delivery to name a few.”

Extra perks: “Hire writer options” – hire by yourself or entrust to the online essay order form. Pricing starts at $15.00 per essay page (or hired writers’ minimum work time).


  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Convenient hire the writer opportunities
  • A collection of free essay samples
  • One of the best on the market Satisfaction Guarantee


Reviewed by essay expert Valerie Banford

“Hanging on for two days on their site, reading customers’ reviews, examining their offers and features, and actually trying the service out, I’d say that this is no ordinary web resource to hire an essay writer. EssayBox positions themselves as a professional academic essay writing portal and, no matter how pretentious it may sound to some, I can attest this is indeed quite so.

They have hired some of the best essay writers on the market, selected through rigorous testing and undergoing regular assessments (as per their declaration). I have browsed through their essay writer pool and cannot help paying a compliment to how many folks there had Master’s and Ph.D. degrees “label” next to their names.

The pricing is adequate to the service, with the minimum price tag starting at $12.00 paper page (or hired writer work per hour, on average).

Demanding customers will find the best customer service at EssayBox. Whether you have a difficult essay assignment, a hard to wrap your mind around an essay prompt or think of some features that your essay should necessarily include – you can always hire an expert writer here who will most likely truly excel at your task. For non-trivial tasks, they strongly recommend contacting their 24/7 customer support as opposed to the online order form. An experienced agent will chat you through all the nitty-gritty of the ordering procedure, will listen carefully to your essay requirements, and advise you to hire the best writer possible.

I decided to call customer support though. All in all, it took me roughly 10 minutes to explain my essay task, to provide detailed requirements on the format, style, the soonest deadline, and in the end we negotiated a fair price. They offered me to hire a writer myself from their database according to my essay topic and requirements.

Soon I was emailed a link to chat with the writer I hired – the company offers a direct dialogue with a writer before, during, or after the assignment. He said he was good to go with my initial essay description. The next day my essay was ready. The writer did a great job, and I was pleased with the result, however decided to chat with him and thank him personally. I would definitely hire this writer again if I were to order any custom content from EssayBox.

From EssayBox one can also hire a specialist for editing and proofreading, hire an experienced writer for a research paper, thesis, or dissertation, and enjoy a database of free essay samples with reference to the authors. The latter is a great help when hiring a writer personally – you can clearly see WHO can do WHAT.”

Hire writer options: hire by yourself or rely on a smart algorithm in the online essay order form.

Pricing starts at $12.00 per essay page (pretty much an equivalent of a hired writers’ work per hour).


  • Unparalleled essay quality and a satisfaction guarantee
  • Flexible client and assignment approach
  • Communication with essay writer option
  • Endless hiring opportunities: editing & proofreading, research papers, dissertations and more


Reviewed by essay-expert Oliver Wicks

“My acquaintance with EssayFactory started a few years back when I was reviewing opportunities to hire an essay writer in the UK. What set this service apart from others were the affordable essay prices and exceptional customization, not quite typical for the market.

This time I was curious to see what EssayFactory would have had to do to make it into the top four essay sites internationally – a big success for any kind of domestic business. Apparently, they have worked on the site design further to make it even more appealing and easy to use. I liked the colors combination and ease of navigation – even for a newcomer, it would not take long to find their way around and hire the best specialist for a given essay task.

The minimum price starts at just £11.50 for a basic 275-words essay volume, which on average equals 1 hour of hired writer’s work. There is also an option of faster 3-hours delivery, but the cost will go up by approximately 30%.

The company has significantly widened its scope of services. Besides essays writing, editing, and proofreading, their writers for hire also do:

  • Research Papers
  • Term Papers
  • Thesis
  • Dissertations
  • Admission Essays
  • Essay Writing Help

To understand how the Essay Writing Help works, I decided to chat with their customer support and learn firsthand. My early Sunday morning chat request was promptly answered by a polite agent. He explained that “help” refers to an offer when a hired writer coaches a client on how to compose an academic paper. Those who order this type of service will be guided step-by-step by a professional essay writer through the process of writing an exceptional paper.

One may learn how to write an expository essay, descriptive essay, narrative, compare-and-contrast, and persuading essay. It is a long-term investment – as a result, a customer should be able to improve their writing skills (from brainstorming some essay ideas to proofreading the final text) and academic grades.

Additionally, EssayFactory assists at any writing stage (not limited to essays), i.e. a hired writer can pick up an already started work, finish an unfinished one, and further develop an idea generated by the customer. The pricing is negotiable in each separate case and among other things depends on the level of essay difficulty and urgency.

I also took a note of the online essay writing tutorial and a database of free essay samples, though it somewhat lacked some structure clarity (topics were somewhat messy to my taste).”

Hire writer options: by a support agent hiring recommendation or the online essay order form.

Pricing starts at £11.50/essay page (same goes for 1 hour of writer’s work).


  • UK-based essay writing service;
  • Affordable and reliable;
  • Many essay-specific extra features and flexible customer approach;
  • Writers for hire can also coach how to compose a great essay.

So, to conclude, here’s some food for thought:

In the year 2020, due to the pandemic, academic institutions had to switch to online courses and put more weight on homework. As a result, the number of essays and other written assignments has significantly increased. The latter has put more pressure on students, who became more willing to hire a professional writer to help them get their essays done.

As shown by the reviews above, the essay writer for hire market has become increasingly competitive, with a few top sites confidently leading by several key parameters. It is hard to distinguish an indisputable leader; ultimately, it all comes down to your personal choice and preference.

If you are willing to pay for a premium service, you may want to review what EssayBox has to offer: some of the best writers for hire specializing in anything from essays to doctoral dissertation-level papers, unparalleled quality and satisfaction guarantee, client-writer direct communication to name a few.

Alternatively, if you are a more price-conscious customer, look no further than 99papers, as they offer some of the cheapest essay rates on the market while being highly agile and flexible. To hire an essay writer with 99papers, as they claim, is as easy and quick as 1-2-3.

If you value reliability and always read customer reviews first – go for BookwormLab as they have been on the essay market slightly longer than others and highly value their good reputation. For those of you who are looking for an affordable national service to hire an essay writer in the UK – there is EssayFactory as the service of choice for thousands of customers.

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