Top 10 Online Psychic Services & How To Get The Best Psychic Reading By Phone, Live Chat Or Video


It is common to feel depressed, face a career problem, or struggle to find the best soulmate. Regardless of the worldly issue you are facing, a genuine psychic will help to come out of it. Psychics are capable of perceiving information, which is inaccessible via the standard human senses. Looking For Real Psychics? Visit This Website!

They use this power to reveal the truths during a psychic reading. No, they do not uncover your secrets but use the same to provide insight and give advice for living a better life.

Usually, people go to a psychic for in-person sessions. This practice had started many years ago. However, today, the modern technology and the World Wide Web has transformed the way in which the psychics give their service.

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In other words, when you look for a psychic near me on Google, the search results reveal several options of psychic readings online. Online psychicsoffer the same guidance as in a face-to-face session but from the comfort of your home.

You only need to connect online with the psychic, give the required information, and obtain the answers. Availability is perhaps the biggest benefit of online mediums. They are available 24/7 so that you can get help when needed, not some hours later.

So, how do you know who are the best psychics online? This is exactly what this post will guide you with.

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Working of Online Psychics

These psychics work using an Internet connection. There are different types of psychic readings online but all operate in the same way. They are genuine people whom you would normally meet in the real world. You can find them and get your reading session started within a few minutes.

They chose to operate online due to convenience. For you, the biggest reasons are anytime availability, hassle-free, no-wait session, and affordability. There is no need to travel to the psychic reading destination when you are not feeling good. Go To The Most Reliable Psychic Readings Website

In the recent time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online psychic readings is on the rise. Just as in the real world, you get your answers obtained from spirits instead of the medium itself. You can choose your spiritual creature with whom you wish to connect and get accurate reading results.

While looking for an online psychic reading service, there are two main options to choose from for running your session. They are as follows:

  • Chat: Is the simplest and common option. Herein, you contact a psychic through a chat utility and discuss your problems. This chat psychic reading method is also the quickest and most affordable way to have your session and relax. Chat psychics will have their chat platforms for interaction. However, there will be no personal or visual touch.
  • Video Call: Is also a cheap psychic readingoption but is a new and rare one. The main benefit is to see your psychic and discuss with her or him in person. However, the Internet connection must be strong for it to work well.

However, despite the Internet, phone psychic readingis the most common way to consult even today. You call the psychic via a smartphone or landline and talk to find a solution. Even here, there is no need to travel to have the session.

So now the question is, what happens during an online psychic reading? Let’s comprehend it through the following steps:

  1. You contact and speak to a psychic online after which the expert takes a few moments to know you along with the reason for speaking with her or him. This aim here is to make you feel relaxed.
  2. The psychic will then use the gifted powers to focus on your distinct energy so that the expert can connect psychically with you. With this connection, the session starts.
  3. As per the type of session you prefer and the tools the psychic uses, the session proceeds to find answers to your queries. For instance, the expert may use the special powers and guides to give information about your career, family relations, and true love. In case of a medium psychic, it involves communicating with the spirit of your loved one. You are also given an opportunity to ask a few follow-up questions.
  4. The session ends when you are satisfied.
  5. You are then asked to give your feedback (optional). You should give a review if you have the time, as it will aid the future customers in selecting the best psychic online.

Now that you know how online psychics work, it is time to know how to choose the best psychic readingservice online. However, before that, it is worth knowing one difference.Looking For Real Experts? Visit This Website!

Medium versus Psychics

It is worth comprehending that psychics and mediums are different. Many people believe that a psychic medium is a person who can provide spiritual and other useful details related to your past, present, and future. Thus, a medium and a psychic are identical, and that they do the same thing. Nope!

Both are not the same. Although both provide the same or similar things as per the purpose, they do so in different ways. An ideal way to comprehend this difference is to know the methods that they use.

Psychics typically use methods such as palm reading, tarot reading, numerology, and runes. On the other hand, mediums use their skills, experience, and power to connect to and communicate with spirits.

Different types of spirits exist, such as angels, ascended masters, ancestral, and animal spirits. For example, to know about where your deceased grandfather is at present, communication with ancestral spirits is essential.

In short, all readers are psychics but only a couple of them are mediums. A medium is a special psychic who connects with spirits to give answers to your questions.

Factors to Consider for Identifying the Best Psychics Online

Searching for psychic readings onlineis perhaps a new task for most of us. You are looking for the first but the only psychic online on whom you can rely. For this, there are a few factors to consider, which are as follows:

Reading Type

The first thing you need to know before even searching for online psychics is the type of reading you desire. Know that not all readings, whether online or offline, are the same. Similarly, neither they serve the same purpose.

Each of them differs in terms of the mediums or tools used to obtain solutions or answers. Thus, you need to identify the most suitable type of reading as per your requirements. Choosing the right type of psychic is important, as only doing so can get the desired information and solutions for your specific problem. Click Here To Get Most Accurate Readings By Live Chat, Phone Or Video Call

Following are the different psychic reading options to choose from:

  • Psychics: These experts have the power to feel things and respond by giving insights into the present or future. A few people believe that psychics are the most versatile experts who rely on different sources such as skills, intuition, and feelings to solve problems. Thus, they are typically preferred by the majority.
  • Fortune Tellers: These specialists use a medium such as cards, astrology, and numerology to make forecasts. You can go for one of them if you need to be prepared for something happening in the near future or for getting some required instructions.
  • Astrologists: They use the stars to travel through and describe your present as well as the future.
  • Tarot Readers: These psychics, as the name indicates, use tarot cards to reveal the course through which you may pass. These psychics have strong skills and are quite famous across the globe.
  • Clairvoyants: These experts are known for seeing as well as hearing clearly beyond this worldly realm. They do not use popular methods such as tarot cards or astrology.


You should consider the mediums in use for choosing the best psychic reading online. These mediums are already discussed above. A chat psychic reading is performed via an online but this is not the only option. A few psychics use video calls and phone calls too.

You can choose the medium that is convenient for you. However, it is recommended to choose a psychic that offers multiple methods of online communication rather than just one. A chat medium is fine if you are on the go but a video call is better if you are at home, isn’t it?


It is not necessary to look for an educated psychic online. However, it is sensible to look for a certified psychic. A few psychics have passed some courses related to communication and psychic reading due to which they are more skillful than those who do not.

It is ideal to look for a psychic having a Diploma degree in communication. Such an expert can more profoundly comprehend your problem through more effective communication. You can check for such certifications online, especially on their official websites, forums, and blogs. In short, it is wise to look for a blend of both physical and spiritual aid.


It is still fine if you cannot find a certified psychic but it is not okay to go for a psychic who has no experience. The psychics on the Web on whom you can rely are the ones who have good, diverse experience. Yes, you can judge their suitability for your problems from their experience.

The abilities and skills of online psychicsonly improve through practice. Thus, choosing a psychic with 10 years of experience is likely to be more lucrative than the one with just 2 years of experience. Further, you also skip the risk of any fake or fraud deal.

Still, it should be understood that experience is not a major factor. This is because the best psychics online have natural tendencies to be what they are and serve by going outside the worldly realm.

Some may have truly strong powers, while some will have on an average. For better results, you should look for an online psychic with strong predispositions.


Okay, previously in this article, it is mentioned that psychics online are available 24/7. However, this is only in relation to the offline psychics. While the former ones are available for more hours than the latter, not all of them work 24/7.

This is because some psychics have stringent work hours even online. Even if their availability is 24/7, it may be so that they are available for a few hours on chat or video call and then only on phone.

So, it is wise to consider the availability of your psychic. In short, you should choose the one who is always available or available at least most of the time. Doing so will make it easier and quicker to get solutions or answers.

It should be noted that a few online psychics do not mind sharing their phone numbers. These psychics are reliable, as you can then call them when you are in need. Still, if you need instant help, say in the next few minutes, consider choosing a psychic who is available on chat.

Areas of Forte

Each online psychic will have areas of forte or domains in which she or he specializes. These areas or domains could be love, divorce, marriage, breakups, job, future, past, and so on. Thus, every aspect of your life can be the area of forte of a psychic.

Knowing this helps to find the best psychic readingservice online. For example, if you need to know about your career that has suddenly come to a standstill, it makes sense to choose a psychic that provides aid related to job and career.

Customer Testimonials / Reviews

Going through the reviews or testimonials is essential for buying the right product online. This also applies to online psychic reading services.

Testimonies and reviews come directly from customers. They reveal their experience as it is! Thus, you get both positive and negative points of a specific psychic online. A genuine testimony is the one that reveals both these points instead of only the positive ones. Go To The Top Rated Psychic Readings Site

Best Psychics Websites

  • Kasamba – Best for chat and video call readings
  • Oranum – Great mediums
  • Keen – Good for psychics by phone
  • Psychic Source – Good for face-to-face video readings
  • AskNow – Best for love readings and horoscopes
  • LifeReader – For non-US clients
  • CaliforniaPsychics – Another good choice


The reliable psychic readings online are the ones who are experienced, have natural predispositions, are available on your time, and have customer testimonials. The best one will have different mediums to serve you and will specialize in the area in which you have a problem.

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