The Extraordinary Rise of Innovet Pet in Pet Industry

Since 2005, creating personalized health aids for pet owners and their fur besties struggling to find help with conventional treatments has been Innovet Pet’s number one goal.

But while an admirable goal, one can’t deny the countless other companies trying to do something similar, attempting to come up with the latest and greatest, often with the end goal of making a big buck. But Innovet Pet is quick to say they’re different.

The company says their products have a story, with each inspired by their own pets’ unique needs. Where others invest in trends and marketing, Innovet focuses on customer service, education, and engagement in the community.


The Beginning


Now known worldwide, Innovet Pet’s beginnings were humble. The idea of creating items that filled gaps missing in pet health came out of a necessity to care for one dog whose health problems just wouldn’t relent.

Between blindness, ear issues, and run-ins with multiple cancers, Innovet Pet’s founder Matt Terrill struggled to give his dog, Maximus, the care he deserved. And even after multiple visits to the veterinarian, Maximus’s health issues wouldn’t relent for Matt, who was trying to balance earning a degree in business at UCSB.

Thankfully, he had biology student, David Louvet, for help. Together, the guys worked arduously to help Maximus with his array of health issues.

Working out of a garage, the two first created PurOtic to help Maximus with his severe and uncontrollable ear infections.

PurOptic’s innovative solution was a success from the beginning, with it still being one of Innovet’s top sellers. But it was the creation of Tracerz, scent markers to help blind dogs navigate their surroundings, that solidified Innovet Pet’s place in their industry.

Innovet Pet said when they looked to help Maximus’ blindness, they quickly discovered there was little to help blind pets. Between their exceptional nose and hearing, many find their pet takes their lack of eyesight with great strides. But unknown places, moving furniture, and intense sensations can easily throw them off. Not only does this often give them severe anxiety, they are at a much greater risk of injuring themselves.

Tracerz are simple sticky pads with unique scents that you place around the house, creating a bread trail for your pet to follow, helping them avoid risky situations.

A New Spark of Innovation


Despite being one of the largest CBD retailers worldwide, Innovet Pet existed long before taking CBD for different disorders was a thing.

Innovet says this is actually what sets them apart from nearly everyone else, especially in the beginning.

“We never planned to offer CBD,” says Terrill. “It didn’t even exist for the first several years we were in business. But then we saw it help Maximus, whose nearly two decades around the sun had left him reluctant to eat and even move.”

But purchasing, even just finding CBD oil at the time, wasn’t easy, says Louvet.

“In 2016, if you could find real CBD, it was expensive, and it wasn’t a sure thing with shipping rates taking so long that the dog we originally bought it for, passed before he got the chance to use it. Within the same year, we had turned that all around by creating PurCBD+, which brought legit CBD to the masses with quick shipping and prices that were affordable.”

While Innovet said they worked endlessly to create the best CBD product, the true success came from it filling a major issue. Until recently, Innovet Pet Products was one of the few CBD companies that were a pet-care company first. Even today, most pet CBD companies have arisen after the fact, raising questions about their expertise and legitimacy.

Innovet Pet not only leads the pack in creating innovative twists on CBD, they’re still focused on creating non-CBD health aids like their Whole Foods-approved shampoos.

“With nearly two decades in pet-care, we’re proud we’re not some random CBD shop pop up,” says Terrill.

What started with two college students working overtime to help their sick pup has turned into a full-fledged team of veterinarians, rescuers, and researchers. Yet, despite all their growth, David and Matt of Innovet Pet stay committed to their original cause.

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