The Best Team Building You Haven’t Tried

The Escape Room

A Quick Note on Safety

Escape room? Small space packed with strangers? How could this be a safe choice right now? We know that safety and sanitation are more important to you now than they’ve ever been. So before we jump into anything about your adventure or the best team building experience available, here’s what The Escape Game is doing, for as long as necessary, to keep you safe so that all you have to think about is an epic experience.

At The Escape Game, safety is taken seriously. The entire space, including every clue in every game is sanitized, every time. To do this, each room is blasted with a sanitary mist from a machine loaded with medical-grade disinfectant. Plus, all games are currently private, so whoever you bring is who you play with. Also, checking-in can now be done entirely online. You’ll receive a text when your game’s ready, then you’ll be greeted only by your Game Guide (standing six feet away and wearing a face covering).

The Escape Game goes the extra mile so that you can play confidently, with nothing on your mind but solving puzzles, bonding with your team, and making memories. Ok, now let’s get into all the other reasons you should check out The Escape Game.

Let’s face it. It’s probably time for a team outing. When’s the last time your group was challenged to improve communication, or made an effort to learn about each others’ strengths and weaknesses? Heck, when’s the last time you all got out of the office together? I’m talking about real team bonding. Chances are, it’s been a while – maybe never, if I could be so bold. Sure, this is a little presumptuous, but no matter where your team building is, it could probably improve. Whether your team is brand new or you’ve enjoyed more than a few holiday parties together, it’s never a bad idea to boost morale.

Enter, The Escape Game. Not only can a super immersive escape room experience be a blast, but it also provides valuable insight into how your teammates think and operate as individuals. It’s ironic actually, that nothing reveals individual characteristics quite like working as a unit. So, unite under a common goal and exercise critical communication in a way that you probably never have before and might never be able to otherwise.

Learn how your team works together in one of their high-intensity, but low-stakes scenarios. See in real time what motivates them. Find out what makes everyone tick – do they take time to examine the information, or do they spring into action? Who will reveal leadership potential? Who can handle complex problem-solving under pressure? Create an exciting opportunity to debrief and discuss your efforts while everyone’s walls are down and you guys can’t stop laughing.

The Escape Game allows your team to build trust in a way that’s as efficient as it is effective. You don’t just need to know your team will catch you when you fall – you need to rely on them to help make sure that you don’t. Everyone needs to realize they have skin in the game and participate in actively picking up the slack. An escape room is the best real-life practice for filling in shortcomings and playing your role to the fullest – either all of you win, or none of you do. No one on a team succeeds or fails alone and The Escape Game offers a way to learn how to win (or lose) together. Nothing quite pulls a group of people together like an important mission with a ticking clock.

You’re probably aware of the merits of teamwork, and we’ll go out on a limb to assume that the midst of an important project is not the best time to reveal a team’s major weaknesses. It’s more beneficial (and A LOT more fun) to discover a weak link or an opportunity for improvement while recovering a stolen painting from a villainous museum curator, or on the schoolyard, minutes away from kicking off your Summer break. That’s the kind of team building and bonding you’ll find at The Escape Game. You don’t even have to take our word for it – their stats are clear.

Learn more at and follow them on Instagram @TheEscapeGameSanFrancisco.

P.S. Not quite ready to come in to play? No worries! The Escape Game has you covered. Check out all of their virtual and digital experience at

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