Steel Bite Pro Review: Oral Care Dental Health Supplement Scam?

Steel Bite Pro Review: Oral Care Dental Health Supplement Scam?

Steel Bite Pro is a natural oral care health supplement formula by Thomas Spear that focuses on dental hygiene from the inside out. Found only online at the official website of, the 23-ingredient dental care supplement works in conjunction with a 60-second oral health trick that users do right before bedtime that will naturally enhance teeth and gum health by destroying predatory bacteria, eliminating bad breath and reducing tooth decay overnight.

Who does not love to flash a dazzling smile like those supermodels and celebs that keep popping up in TV ads and on YouTube! However, having bright white teeth and healthy gum remains a far fetched dream for millions of individuals in 2020. That is where Thomas Spear’s Steel Bite Pro formula comes in as a natural oral hygiene supplement that targets predatory bacteria that are effectively eating away at your teeth roots, spreading throughout the throat, nose and airways if not addressed properly.

The solution? Steel Bite Pro’s ability to effectively power-up your saliva via anti-bacterial nutrients. Yes, by turning saliva into the most powerful disinfectant to break down tartar and destroy all the predatory termite-bacteria is the magic behind the miracle of this dental care hygiene supplement.

After a certain age, women and men develop several dental and gum related problems. These include tooth decay, discolored teeth, gum problems, periodontitis and bad breath. You may have tried myriads of different toothpaste and mouthwash brands with limited results. If this sounds familiar, do not lose heart. There is a working solution available that over 57,000 people have already tried called Steel Bite Pro.

What is Steel Bite Pro?

Steel Bite Pro Review: Oral Care Dental Health Supplement Scam?

Steel Bite Pro is an extraordinary all-herbal supplement for people coping with different types of gum and teeth issues. Using this supplement helps with combating tooth decay, gum problems, and foul breath. It is a far better alternative to methods and products used to tackle such dental health issues.

If the decision is made to start using this unique formulation, it will reduce the need for after dental procedures like implants, dental scaling, and pocket elimination surgeries. Steel Bite Pro is available in capsule form and is simple to use. No significant changes to a diet or lifestyle are needed for this to work. There is also the caveat of how much gum grafts can add up to be at over $600 a pop or painful fillings or costly root canals can add up to be. In comparison, Steel Bite Pro follows the motto of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to taking care of your food chomping teeth daily.

Why choose Steel Bite Pro over other dental health aids or OTC products?

As it is, Steel Bite Pro is far better than most over the counter (OTC) dental health products and supplements. Thomas Spear, a native of San Francisco, California, outlines all the advantageous Steel Bite Pro supplement offers over other like-kind dental health products.

● It helps combat and resolve the myriads of dental health issues.

● It is far more affordable than most OTC competing products.

● It does not involve invasive procedures skipping the pain involved in surgical procedures.

● It reaches every corner of the gum and teeth where mouthwash or even electronic toothbrushes can’t reach.

● Using it, it will get rid of chronic and long term dental health issues that would otherwise require several visits to the dentists. It will be able to save a considerable amount of inexpensive dental procedures just by using this supplement.

How does the Oral Care Hygiene Supplement work?

Steel Bite Pro Review: Oral Care Dental Health Supplement Scam?

Steel Bite Pro is made with 23 carefully picked active ingredients that help boost gum and dental health. These clinically-proven compounds are mixed thoroughly to perform at their peak in conjunction with each other. When intaking these capsules, the ingredients get mixed with saliva and reach every nook and corner of the oral cavity. Thus, the saliva becomes a powerful disinfectant which breaks down tartar from the tooth surface and neutralizes bacteria that lead to gum problems. Apart from preventing tooth decay and gum problems, Steel Bite Pro also reduces tooth abscess pain.

Steel Bite Pro works in 5 steps which are summarized below:

1. At first, Berberine in the formulation breaks down tartar and plaque forming on teeth.

2. Ingredients like red raspberry, chanca piedra, and artichoke help break down the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum damage.

3. Next, the gums are tightened using yarrow and beetroot.

4. Usage of dandelion, alfalfa strengthens teeth enamel.

5. Elements like burdock root, celery seed, and chicory root eliminate toxins. Ingredients like Ginger, methionine, and grape seed extract form a defense layer around the teeth to prevent damage.

Everyone has a different constitution, so it is hard to say how quickly one will experience its effects. However, the user should be able to see changes in their dental health within three weeks of using the supplement.

So, what are the primary ingredients, and what benefits do they bring?

As already mentioned in this Steel Bite Pro Review, Steel Bite Pro comprises powerful ingredients that have evidence of benefits in dental health.

1. Turmeric- This herb helps in boosting the supplement’s anti-microbial properties.

2. Milk Thistle- This safeguards teeth and gums from the impact of metals like arsenic, mercury.

3. Yarrow and Beetroot- These herbs act as healing agents and repair damaged gum and root of teeth.

4. Ginger- It rejuvenates oral health significantly.

5. Dandelion root and Alfalfa- These extracts strengthen teeth crowns.

6. Berberine- It removes the existing plaque layer. Besides, it helps diminish inflammation.

7. Chicory root and Burdock Root- These herbs detoxify and cleanse the gut.

How to use Steel Bite Pro?

Using Steel Bite Pro is simple, and anyone can do it. Just take 1-2 capsules a day with a glass of water every day. This can be done after breakfast or meals.

Is Steel Bite Pro safe to use?

Steel Bite Pro contains only clinically proven naturally sourced ingredients. These include minerals and vitamins, plant extracts, and spices, mostly sourced from native habitats for the best impact on the users. There is no need to worry about harmful or harsh chemical compounds. It can be used safely without side effects.

The Steel Bite Pro supplement is manufactured in a GMP certified, FDA approved facility in the USA. The gluten-free and non-GMO formulation makes it useful for people of all ages. There are no artificial chemicals, additives, or sweeteners added.

How to buy Steel Bite Pro?

Steel Bite Pro Review: Oral Care Dental Health Supplement Scam?

Steel Bite Pro dental health supplement is not available at your neighborhood pharmacy or supermarkets. It can only be purchased from the official brand website here.

The only way to get a bottle of Steel Bite Pro is to order through the website for $69. The site offers multiple packages for anyone who wants to stick with this regimen for months at a time to heal their gums and teeth finally.

The other packages include:

● Three bottles for $177 ($59 each)

● Six bottles for $294 ($49 each)

There is no additional shipping cost involved for any option. The good thing is you can avail of the 60-day return policy offered by the company. There is nothing like any hidden charge or subscription involved. You have to make a one-time purchase.

Is Steel Bite Pro Supplement a Scam?

Steel Bite Pro Review: Oral Care Dental Health Supplement Scam?

The popularity of the Thomas Spear’s Steel Bite Pro has been nothing short of amazing in 2020. From going to a completely unknown to being regarded as one of the best natural oral care health supplements for dental hygiene on the market this year, Steel Bite Pro scam possibilities have arised already. However, doing research and curating all of the consumer complaints and customer concerns available about Steel Bite Pro scam potential, most of it seems that there are fake alternatives being offered on Amazon and almost nothing about it not working or providing the results the official website alludes to in full.

At this point in time, as long as consumers order directly from the Steel Bite Pro website at, there should be no worry of a scam as the product has a generous 2 month money back guarantee with no hassles or questions asked if not completely satisfied. As long as consumers do not go shopping for Steel Bite Pro on and deal directly with the official website, users will be ensured the authentic formula of 23 high quality vitamins and minerals as well as having the special return policy in tact for the next 60 days upon completing the order.

Final words

Steel Bite Pro comes across as a viable alternative to typical OTC dental care products. It contains several natural extracts, and each offers specific oral health benefits. There is no chemical filler or harmful substance in it. The pricing is more than worth it compared to going to the dentist, especially when buying multiple packs at the same time.

The company is offering a 60-day long refund policy, which only makes the deal even more enticing. For those coping with gum and dental woes, Steel Bite Pro gives you the no-risk offer to eliminate your gum, teeth and mouth pain today!

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