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Sleep Connection - People who snore at night are usually exhausted and un-slept the following morning. The number of men...

Sleep Connection – People who snore at night are usually exhausted and un-slept the following morning. The number of men who snore is higher, but there are also enough women who hardly get any sleep at night. Those who lie in bed together have the problem of waking each other up. Snoring can then become a real test of patience. There are plenty of measures available on the market. But not everyone keeps their promises. Therefore we were looking for alternatives and came across Sleep Connection. This product is an anti-snoring wristband which you simply put around your wrist and which helps to reduce snoring during the night. We would like to introduce it in the following.

What is Sleep Connection?

The Sleep Connection is an anti-snoring wristband that works with a completely natural concept, namely to give the sleeper a hint to turn over. This practice is a common method among many couples in bed to calm the other person. Often, this procedure serves its purpose. However, it is usually the case that both couples are awake at night and then have to go back to sleep. The anti-snoring bracelet fulfils this purpose without anyone having to wake up for it. The manufacturer has therefore placed the following features in the foreground:

– Restful and regenerative sleep

– No disturbance of the partner

– Shifts the body so that you can breathe better

– Better oxygen absorption is possible

– The next day you’re more likely to sleep in.

– Uncomplicated use on the wrist

Sleep Connection Wristband Reviews - Your Anti-Snoring Device

A good night’s sleep is virtually guaranteed with Sleep Connection. If the concept already worked in the marriage bed, you should definitely try the anti-snoring wristband. The concept is also proven, because if you turn around at night, you can often breathe better, which prevents snoring.

What are the Sleep Connection quality features?

There is generally no seal of approval or similar for Sleep Connection, but we would like to assure you that the anti-snoring wristband can do a good job. However, the efficiency is influenced by other factors. The manufacturer goes so far as to guarantee a reliability of 60 to 70 percent. For some people it simply takes a little longer for the Sleep Connection to have a full effect. It is definitely worth a try to try the anti-snoring bracelet and see if it works or not.

We also simply tried the device once, so that we could see for ourselves. The success rate was maintained in any case, even if it was a little strange to go to bed with Sleep Connection within the first few nights. It was tight on the wrist, but felt heavy. However, this condition subsided very soon so that we could see the full effect. The next morning we left our bed more calmly and were more rested, because we didn’t wake ourselves up with snoring anymore. If a partner was in bed with us, they reported that we slept more calmly and that they themselves had also benefited from the anti-snoring bracelet.

All in all, we think that the expectations have definitely been exceeded a little bit and a good recovery is possible via Sleep Connection. However, it is also important that you don’t already have a light sleep from which you wake up relatively quickly.

Sleep Connection evaluation and recommendation

All in all, we were very satisfied with Sleep Connection and would like to recommend it to others. An anti-snoring wristband like this one has features that you can benefit from and find a much better sleep. This makes you feel much more relaxed in everyday life and you have more energy, which makes it easier to concentrate. Many people are already looking for an alternative, which is offered here with this device. The anti-snoring wristband is easy to use and in any case an alternative that you should try out for yourself.

General information about the anti-snoring wristband

In the following we want to summarize how to use Sleep Connection in the right way. When you receive the anti-snoring wristband, it is first of all important that the device can be charged. Because only then it will work properly. Charging usually takes a few hours. After that you can use the Sleep Connection. In the evening before going to bed it is simply put around the wrist like a normal wristwatch. If you snore during the night, the bracelet sends an electrical impulse to your arm, which makes you turn around.

In this way you get better access to oxygen again and stop snoring. This procedure is known within many marriages, when the man or woman snores. With Sleep Connection it is possible for both to have a restful sleep and not have to worry about waking up several times during the night, either by themselves or by the other. All parties remain undisturbed and get up refreshed in the morning.

Sleep Connection reviews

Of course we wanted to know if Sleep Connection is well received by others and so we searched the internet for reports of experiences. We found what we were looking for and could deepen our picture of the anti-snoring wristband. Most of them have used the product, but, like us, had to get used to it first. Sleep Connection was a utensil for them, but they wanted to try it out. Most found it easy to use and quickly got used to wearing it during the night. The results were impressive. Most of them don’t go to bed without the anti-snoring wristband, some of them even stopped snoring completely.

Sleep Connection Wristband Reviews - Your Anti-Snoring Device

However, a few of the reports also indicated that things were not always positive and that there were actually a few who could not get used to the bracelet, let alone succeed with it. Therefore, we recommend that everyone should try it out for themselves to see if they can handle Sleep Connection and if it offers any advantages. We haven’t found any really negative reports, most of them are convinced of the anti-snoring wristband and don’t want to sleep without it anymore. You can read more customer reviews by clicking on this link here!

Advantages and disadvantages of Sleep Connection

Each health product has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to summarize for you below. With these you can get an idea of Sleep Connection for yourself. Nevertheless, this list can help you make a purchase decision if you are not sure whether the product is really the right one for you or your health.


– Ease of use

– Undisturbed night’s sleep

– Peaceful sleep

– Equally suitable for every age group

– Not only has a positive effect on your own health

– Also lets your partner sleep very well


– None known

You can see that Sleep Connection has largely only positive aspects from which you can benefit. It is not only comfortable to wear, but also has a high success rate when it comes to snoring. It has a positive effect on health and is suitable for all age groups. You no longer need to wake your partner up at night when he or she snores, because the watch around the wrist will do that for you from now on. All in all, these are advantages from which you will definitively benefit.

Why do I need this anti-snoring bracelet?

Especially those who snore during the night and want to put an end to it can benefit. At the same time, the use of this product does not depend on age or gender. Women and men can both benefit from the anti-snoring bracelet and use Sleep Connection to their advantage. Although it is mostly men who snore, women also do not have any significant disadvantages by using Sleep Connection. The success rate is around 60 to 70 percent, but it is always worth a try to try the product and gain your own experience with it. No matter what age group or gender you are, Sleep Connection always represents another form of solution that you should discover for yourself.

Are there possibly problems with Sleep Connection?

We have looked at Sleep Connection at length and in depth, and have not found any problems that could be perceived as disturbing. The bracelet is large, but you usually get used to the wearing comfort relatively quickly. If it is still felt to be a burden, this can subside after a few days. At this point we would also like to point out that it is not recommended to wear Sleep Connection if you have a pacemaker or other electrically functional parts in your body. This is because these can be affected by the activity of the bracelet. In this case you should refrain from using Sleep Connection.

Known FAQ about this product

In the following we will clarify the most common questions that may arise around Sleep Connection and provide the necessary answers.

Q: What should I do if the bracelet does not work?

  • o A: Check that the batteries are inserted correctly and that the compartment is properly closed.

Q: What is included in the package?

  • o A: The scope of delivery consists of the anti-snoring wristband, an English-language user manual, and a conductive foil that must be stuck to the bottom of the Sleep Connection. In addition there is also a cable with which the anti-snoring wristband has to be charged.

Q: How long does Sleep Connection battery life last?

  • o A: The manufacturer specifies a running time of about eight hours.

Q: What is the success rate?

  • o A: Tests have shown that the success rate of Sleep Connection is about 60 to 70 percent.

Q: The impulse is too strong for me, can you change it?

  • o A: The bracelet has several modes for adjusting the intensity. Accordingly, you can adjust it to your own needs if the impulse is too strong at night. It is important that it is as low as possible, but as strong as necessary.

Where can I buy Sleep Connection?

It is best to purchase the bracelet directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer sells the anti-snoring wristband on his own website, where he also has corresponding offers available. We will deal with these later. If you would like to order the bracelet, simply visit the website and fill out the order form provided. Afterwards, one can choose how one wants to pay the bracelet. There are several possibilities like Paypal and credit card. According to this, very risk-free methods that you can use. Afterwards, the order is simply sent off and a few days later it will be shipped. The bracelet is finally received in the form of a parcel. After receiving it, you can simply recharge Sleep Connection and try it out right away.

By the way, the offers mentioned are time-limited, just to mention this at the beginning. So if you want to benefit from them, you should use them as long as they are available. The offers usually include several models of the bracelet. So you can use the offers very well, if you do not order alone. Nevertheless, the offers are suitable, for example, if you always want to have one bracelet at hand, if the other one has to be charged. The good thing is that if you order several at once, you will always get a single one at a lower price than if you order one alone. Therefore it is always profitable to take advantage of these offers.

Sleep Connection – Technical Data

Let us now come to the technical features of the anti-snoring wristband. We could only find a few details about this, but we would like to summarize them below at least once, so that you can get an idea of it yourself:

– Generates tiny electrical impulses on the wrist

– Integrated bio-sensors that can localize snoring

– Transmit the electrical signal via rubber elements

– Simple operation thanks to integrated on/off switch

The manufacturer guarantees that the wristband is very easy to use, as it has only one button for the intensity as well as for switching on and off. Accordingly, there is not much you can do wrong. When wearing the bracelet, it is also important that the rubber elements touch the skin in order to transmit the impulse effectively.

Who is the supplier of the product?

The address of the provider is as follows: Sleep Connection Store, 2200 Dunbarton Dr. Suite E Cheasapeake VA 23325. There’s also an email address to contact if you have any further questions. This is It is recommended to write the e-mail in English to get the best possible answer.


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