10 Best Signature Generators

Signature generators give you the tools you need to create a signature and download it to your device for later use. Advanced e-signature apps will also provide additional features such as document signing, extra security, multiple user support, and payment collection.

It’s worth your time to do some research before you settle on a signature generator, be it for personal use or business. The right one could save you much time and money, boost your productivity, and ensure your signature doesn’t get stolen or misused.

10 Best Online Signature Makers:

1. CocoSign – Our Top e-Signature Generator Recommendation

The CocoSign free electronic signature is business-friendly and user-vetted. This tool has appeared in several well-known publications like TechCrunch, Medium, and the BBC, and is used by people and businesses worldwide.

It’s at the top of our list because it’s the most user-friendly e-signature we’ve come across. The service doesn’t skimp on the features either. You can use the signature generator tool to create a signature quickly or hang around and do more with its advanced features.

Signature generator

1.1 CocoSign is suitable for businesses big and small

Here is an overview of this app’s top features:

a. CocoSign is a breeze to use

The app has a slick, intuitive user-interface (dashboard). You can create and download a signature quickly using the online editor. You can type in your signature, draw one with your trackpad, or simply upload a photo of your signature.

Besides generating signatures, the tool allows you to upload a supported document type, sign it in seconds, and then download it to any device. You or your coworkers won’t need any training or experience to use this tool.

Signature generator

b. It supports multiple signatories

Like other advanced document signing apps, CocoSign will support multiple signatories. You can sign document types that require multiple signatures like petitions. It also supports features like sequential signing, which allows people to sign the document in a pre-determined order.

c. There’s customization

The app will let you save and re-use signatures. Does your business process many documents? Then you’ll appreciate the template feature, which allows you to store, edit, and re-use frequently-used documents. You can use the custom branding feature to present your brand professionally.

d. You have support from audit trails

Audit trails are essential when authenticating digital documents. If the document needs to be verified in court, the audit trail acts as proof. CocoSign compiles the various timestamps and other related details on behalf of your business.

e. You can access it from anywhere, at any time

CocoSign is a platform-independent signature generator. It works equally well from any phone, laptop, tablet, PC, or another internet-enabled device. You access it from the web browser and log in to the web dashboard to get started with the signing. Creating an account is free.

1.2 You don’t have to fret over the legality and security

CocoSign is a business-ready signature generator, usable anywhere in the world:

a. It’s legally valid

Digital signatures are legally valid and binding in 180+ countries around the world. Moreover, the app complies with all necessary regulations like ESIGN, GDPR, HIPAA, and the CFR. These data regulations are in effect globally.

b. Your privacy is maintained

Any data you upload to CocoSign’s servers is private and stored encrypted. It’s logically separated from information stored by other users. This service is committed to safeguarding your privacy. It doesn’t, and can’t, share your information with anyone.

c. It’s secure

This app ticks all the important security boxes. It has a PCI DSS certification and also follows the HTTPS protocol. You don’t have to worry about your signature being stolen or leaked. You can confidently use CocoSign for business and other confidential purposes.

1.3 Two limitations to keep in mind

As with every e-signature generator, you may encounter some drawbacks:

a. You may miss a dedicated mobile app

CocoSign does not have a dedicated Android or iOS app at the moment, which some solutions do. However, it’s an optimized solution that works extremely well on both mobile devices and PCs. Further, it supports features typical to apps like offline-signing through the web dashboard.

b. You have to pay to get the most out of the solution

Making signatures is free. But if you want features like payment collection, multiple senders, custom branding, a template library, payment collection support, and in-person signing, then you have to upgrade to the paid plan. This is standard practice with all e-signature apps.

CocoSign is cheaper than most full-fledged e-signature generators and comes with a great free plan. Further, it comes with a useful feature set. Overall, this app is easy to recommend –especially if all you want is a signature.

Get CocoSign here >>

2. Eversign

Eversign was created by a small Austrian team in 2015. This generator is the tool of choice for many businesses because it comes with a powerful set of tools and isn’t expensive to use. The company also has a good reputation overall.

Pros: You can generate your signature in seconds. Further, the software integrates with commonly used apps such as Gmail and Dropbox. You can sign documents you have uploaded there quickly. This solution works from any web browser, be it on your phone or PC.

Cons: The app only allows you to sign 5 documents a month for free. Further, it’s hard to sign a large document with multiple pages with this generator. There is a significant lag when you’re scrolling up and down a page.

3. Docsketch

Docsketch is an American-based e-signature generator. It’s known as a reliable, straightforward solution that offers a good set of features for a fair price. It’s used by 10,000 businesses big and small – including some prominent ones like SUMO, Cornell, and TinySeed.

Pros: This tool comes with all the features you could wish for. You can create signatures, sign documents, confirm the legal validity, and also create templates from your web browser. Some of the advanced features it offers include multi-signatory support and field suggestions.

Cons: The free version isn’t feature-rich. You can send only 3 documents a month and also use the reminders and notifications option. You have to pay for some enterprise-grade features.

4. WiseStamp

WiseStamp is a signature generator designed for self-employed professionals and small business owners. The app is a part of the “WiseBrand” set of productivity tools, which essentially give you everything you need to start and run your own internet-based business.

Pros: WiseBrand allows you to create, download, and use your signature in minutes. They have excellent signature designs that look professional and elegant if you don’t wish to draw your own signature. Further, the app offers extra features like the ability to add dynamic content such as RSS feeds.

Cons: If you wish to send your signature from a mobile device, you may have problems. They have limited sets of features available for free users. Finally, even if you fork up for the PRO support plan, their customer service is not always reliable.

5. Approve Me

ApproveMe – better known as WP E-Signature – is a company that makes an electronic signature plugin for WordPress websites. Essentially, you can integrate the plugin into your site and have customers sign on the page itself, without the need for external software.

Pros: It’s easy to get customers to sign your contracts or documents. The process can be integrated into your website. The signature generation feature is also quick and convenient. This plugin supports unlimited signers out-of-the-box.

Cons: You cannot have multiple signatories sign the document unless you know the number well in advance. The customer care leaves much to be desired. Finally, their file management isn’t safe because they upload files to a public, open repository.

6. Signature Maker

Signature Maker is a free signature generator. Unlike most of the other solutions on this list, it has few bells and whistles. This service does one thing and one thing only – give you a place to draw and download a digital signature.

Pros: Signature Maker is completely free to use. You can make as many signatures as you want and quickly download them. It allows you to create signatures using fonts, too, just in case you can’t or don’t want to draw your own.

Cons: This is a bare-bones tool, so it’s missing several key features. You can’t sign up for an account or save your signature to it. You can’t upload documents and sign them, or have other people sign them with you.

7. Signature Generator

Signature Generator is another basic signature making tool. You simply visit the website, type in your name, and the tool will design a signature for you. There are several good-looking fonts to choose between.

Pros: You can have your signature in seconds, and download it in your preferred format. You don’t have to sign up for an account or give any personal information. The tool offers several realistic, professional-looking fonts that you can use for formal purposes.

Cons: You can’t draw your own signature from your trackpad or mouse, neither can you upload a picture and have it converted into a digital signature. Further, this is solely a signature generator. You cannot upload documents and email them.

8. My Live Signature

My Live Signature is both a web-based signature generator and an Android app that allows you to create signatures on your phone. You can type your signature, draw it, or even upload a photo. The service allows you to create signatures in seconds.

Pros: The tool is straightforward to use. The signature quality is excellent, whether you draw your own signature or upload a picture to the server. The Android app is convenient to use if you want to make signatures on-the-go.

Cons: The Android app has some problems storing signatures on some smartphone brands. Further, being solely a signature generator, you won’t be able to upload documents or use advanced features like custom branding or template libraries.

9. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a well-known PDF creation and editing tool. It also offers a lesser-known but still excellent signature creation tool. You can use the web-based service to create a signature for free and download it in your desired format.

Pros: The app allows you to generate a signature in seconds without requiring you to sign up for an account. You can either choose to sign a document electronically or create a signature and then download it to your device, in JPG or PDF format.

Cons: It’s not a dedicated signature making app. That means it can’t give you advanced signature tools like multiple signatories or business branding. You can’t integrate this tool into your workflow or have your customers sign documents with its help.

10. Wondershare SignX

Wondershare SignX is a China-based technology company that offers an effective, reliable online signature maker and document signing tool. The company has over 700 employees and offers 65 products in total, with SignX being one of the most notable ones.

Pros: You can quickly create your signature by drawing it, taking a photo, or simply typing it in. The app supports advanced document signing features like reusable templates, bulk send, multiple signatories, and encryption and password protection.

Cons: A major drawback is that you need to buy the Premium or Enterprise versions to get the most out of the tool. The Enterprise version is especially expensive, with charges going up with the number of users you add. If you use the free version, you need to sign up first.


Whether you need to make and download a signature for reuse quickly or want to sign documents, the tools on this list will help. The first few tools, with CocoSign at the top, are the most user-friendly and useful, but you can use anyone you like.

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