Serene Tree: Small batch CBD and Delta 8 THC

Serene Tree: Small batch CBD and Delta 8 THC


From dedicated stoners to working professionals, stay-at-home parents or work-from-home employees or baby boomers seeking to score premium hemp, CBD and Delta-8 products, welcome to the Serene Tree, a California-based online CBD and Delta-8 weed store supplying top-notch edibles, flower, cartridges, tinctures and creams.

Serene Tree was founded in 2019 by a crew of like-minded people committed to becoming the number one source for high quality, locally sourced and produced, hemp, CBD and Delta-8 products at affordable prices.

“We were friends, some are local growers who were looking for alternative sources for their product, and we wanted to control what we were using and what others are using,” said Maxfield Hulker, head of operations at Serene Tree.

The stigma behind users of marijuana and hemp plants is slowly eroding as changing opinions and lifting of restrictive laws continue to be influenced by the scientific and technological advances associated with this versatile plant.

THC is one of the better-known compounds in this plant that, once processed, typically gives users the psychotropic effects described as euphoric or mind altering — the “high” weed is most famous for providing consumers. Many people may not realize, when it is ingested or inhaled, it creates psychotropic effects by acting similarly to the cannabinoid chemicals already made naturally by our own bodies, according to representatives.

Since CBD is required to contain such a lower level of TCH, and most people need at least 10mg of THC to feel some sort of those sensations, a consumer would have to smoke or inquest quite a bit of CBD to feel any associated “high.

So while there isn’t that “mind-altering” sensation from many cannabis products, most CBD users describe CBD as providing a relaxing or calming effect when ingested or smoked, making it a great fit for those who do not want the “high” commonly associated with cannabis products but do seek relief from several medical ailments.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, at its core is a naturally occurring compound found in the flowers of hemp plants, officials said, and one of the several phytocannabinoids that contribute to its resourceful portfolio. It also comes with almost no proven side effects; and any minimal ones that do pop up are mild and short lasting.

With so many options for consuming CBD, consumers have a variety of enjoyable methods to choose from and Serene Tree offers so many tasty and fascinating varieties of each type, from tinctures to CBD-infused capsules or edibles, CBD topicals or even smoking CBD flowers, a currently trending option, according to representatives.

“Everything we make is small, hand-batched — we are very transparent in our sources, in our processing,” Hulkner said. “We all use our products — we have better control because our products are handled by people who care; we have high-quality products across the board because of that.”

Best of all, the creative minds at Serene Tree are always investing in new products, according to Hulker, and are excited with their latest line featuring Delta-8, a cannabinoid which exists naturally in cannabis plants but in very small concentrates.

Folks asked for it and it’s here, Delta-8 THC gummies, flower, cartridges and vapeables, the latest trend in cannabis merchandise and a popular alternative to Delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 THC wholesale offers a lower psychoactive effect than the more common Delta 9 THC and is a great solution for those who still want the high but not the “out-of-their-mind” high. And just like CBD, it is known to create a sense of relaxation and increase in appetite, while still keeping the user clear-headed and able to perform daily tasks in a productive manner.

Serene Tree’s Delta 8 products are “delicious, powerful and hand-made with love in the USA” so feel free to visit the online shop and discover what all the hype is about at some of the lowest prices on the market.

“From farm to bottle, we know exactly the hands that put each product together,” Hulker said. “Delta 8 offers a much more mellow experience but still gives that ‘high’ vibe most of us really enjoy.”

For those unsure of which products are best suited for their needs, Hulker suggests a visit to the website and the company’s blogs for great information.

“We have a focus on education,” Hulker said. “We are proud of what we produce — small, hand-batched variances as affordable as possible; that’s what we were looking for and that’s what we offer our customers.”
Visit for details and ordering information.

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