10 Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

10 Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

Phone scams have been a concerning problem. As technology moves forward, it opens new ways for scams, becoming more sophisticated to catch the scammer.

However, there are platforms available that can search numbers and identify the phone number’s owner. Here are the 10 best free scammer phone number lookup sites to help the reader find the scammer through the spam phone numbers lookup feature and get peace of mind.

Part 1: Is It Possible to Do a Scammer Phone Number Lookup?

Technology has opened new emerging ways to meet the requirements of today. So many companies complete their transactions virtually. The technology has introduced the most straightforward ways that it is accessible for an ordinary person to start a spam or scam numbers lookup.

Everyone who has an internet-enabled Smartphone with a fast internet connection can identify phone number owners whether they are scammers/malicious people or not.

One needs to go to the scam phone number search and add his target number. It will catch the scammer number in a few minutes. It will also provide a comprehensive report with all details about a scammer.

Part 2: 10 Best Free Scammer Phone Number Lookup Sites

Scammers have distorted privacy and made people too worried about phone scams. The post will help to detect the scammer as they search numbers using the best tools for reverse phone lookup service will provide you with many details about the scam phone numbers.

2.1 TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSeach is one of the best platforms to perform spam phone numbers lookup. The app requires the user to add the scammer’s phone number, and it will provide every known information on them. Moreover, adding the city, country, state, or zip code will be relatively easy to get better search results.

The app offers the exact data of the specific person and their phone numbers, addresses, social media handles, etc. TruePeaopleSearch monitors incoming calls instantly, and whoever uses it will find a popup with the caller’s identity. If the call belongs to a reputable business, a green icon will appear, while unknown scammers will mark it with a grey icon.

Features of TruePeopleSearch

  • People can find the target person’s complete identity and their debit card details. They can check their background for in-depth information.
  • The app facilitates billions of records. It encompasses 89 million business records, 600 million court records, and more than 120 social networks.
  • The app ensures accurate information through reliable data sources and search engines with complete confidentiality with a 256-bit encrypted connection.

“ I discovered this reverse phone lookup website and was impressed by its ability to cross-reference a phone number with a name. The reason that I gave it a “3 Star” rating is because I know very little about it.” – Terry Harris

Click Here and Do a Scammer Phone Number Lookup Quickly

2.2 PeopleFinders

The app offers authentic search support free of cost. It can discover white pages listings and public records, which cover criminal histories, contact information, property records, relatives, and a lot more.

Besides, people can find information by adding a name, address, or phone number. It proposes multiple ways to identify the phone number of the scammer who is bothering the user.

Features of PeopleFinders

  • It offers hassle-free people search engines and provides public database records fast.
  • People can find detailed contact information from their 43 billion public records in the U.S.
  • Moreover, it does deep background checks and reverses phone searches.

“Was able to fit the problem quickly, great customer service skills.” Nikita Miller

PeopleFinders Official Website:www.peoplefinder.com

2.3 Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is another public record search service that enables all to find the name, address, aliases, and criminal history of the owner of the phone number instantly. If someone wants to search for information for a person living in abroad country, they can do it with simple clicks.

Moreover, the data incorporates all information, including court documents, addresses, contact details, actual age, and known aliases.

Features of Instant Checkmate

“Easy, intuitive and great value. Have been using this service for nearly 2 years now. It has become an invaluable tool, helping to follow up with delinquent accounts. Much more successful than using a collection agency.” – Sioban Ray

2.4 TruthFinder

TruthFinder offers unique data checks with complete confidentiality from public records. The application finds the complete data about the phone number with details like email addresses, social media accounts, phone numbers, names of relatives, and other personal acquaintances.

After finding the name of the scammer, the client can use the background check service to explore the person’s current and past location. It offers smooth and safe searches with complete confidentiality. The spam caller lookup has distinctive features and is trusted by many consumers across countries.

Features of TruthFinder

  • The application incorporates high SSL and the best encryption system with maximized protection.
  • It proposes high confidentiality and completes individual support for its consumers.
  • It gets access to countless public records.

“Truth Finders help me find some important people that were in my life. Thank you for all the information.” – Koreen Marquez

2.5 WhitePages

WhitePages offers various functions like finding a person, finding the address, phone number, screening a tenant, background check, etc. It can serve with accurate information for business purposes.

Everyone can enjoy a speedy experience with it. It takes simple steps by entering the search criteria in the dialogue box. It requires adding some basic information like name and possible location.

Features of WhitePages

  • The app is the authentic provider of online directory services.
  • The system is effective in fraud screening and background checks.
  • It can handle identity verification for businesses and consumers. It comprises the most extensive database of contact information on U.S. residents.

“Found everything that I was looking for. Heard many people had issues with them posting personal info, hopefully never will be one of those. but so far using white pages was ok.” – Sheila Kessem

2.6 NumLooker

NumLooker can identify the individual or company contact. It may be helpful for tracking someone’s phone number. It generates a confidential report that involves address, age, owner’s name, phone type, and exact location. It is one of the most acceptable number finders with a wide-ranging database from multiple aspects of information.

Features of NumLooker

  • It identifies spam calls and telemarketers by running repeat callers’ phone numbers.
  • It also finds whoever tries to connect with you. It could search current details too.
  • The app protects the privacy and detects phone scams.

“The tool keeps the database updated regularly, and I have received accurate information every time. It is not only fast but excellent!” – Mark Smitts

2.7 AnyWho

AnyWho is online telephone directories that can find addresses and locations in few minutes. It can find complete details by only entering the phone number. You can get a specific list of local business details. Besides, it is an easy way to find the scammer through a simple process.

Moreover, the system incorporates a thorough investigation process in its composition that provides access to multiple categories of records. It contains databases and registers for all contacts, including scams and frauds. The service is an inclusive and high-quality lookup service with no hidden fees.

Features of AnyWho

  • ● It maintains high confidentiality.
  • ● The system is full-featured and protected to track phone numbers.
  • ● It allows blocking spammers and telemarketers.

“Superb at its job like none other.” – Kris Muller

2.8 Spokeo

Spokeo has millions of users each month. It can find contact details of lost friends and loved ones. It incorporates widespread data of many people with in-depth searches. It is accessible to do a free scammer phone number lookup.

Moreover, it deals with ample background checks with the comprehensive information of the scammer. It also enables the user to search data with any suspected name and address instead of the phone number lookup.

Features of Spokeo

  • The app encompasses a free-of-cost system with SSL encryption safely and privately.

“I am really impressed by its working and interface.” Jennifer Langstrom

2.9 CocoFinder

CocoFinder is the leading way for online phone number lookups and other searches. It can help you in tracing calls or messages. It requires only entering a phone number. The system searches the required information from a massive database and gets an appropriate match.

It incorporates millions of records to have easy access to.

Moreover, it offers all information, including criminal background, job history, court records, and a lot more. Scam phone number lookup is the most effective tool that is free and easy to use in any Android phone and does not require any technical information.

Features of CocoFinder

  • It offers search through multiple methods, including phone number, address, name, email.
  • The system is risk-free and keeps all data private, and keeps 3rd party unaware of your activities.
  • It brings about an all-inclusive and high-quality lookup service.

“I consider CocoFinder is the best option to perform a reverse phone lookup.” – Tony Grey

2.10 RealPeopleSearch

RealPeopleSearch goes far beyond reverse phone number lookup as it checks multiple backgrounds of anyone. It is a free-of-cost app and easy to install the application. It finds out information about each person whose number you enter.

Furthermore, it is accurate in finding contact information, and in some cases, date of birth as well. It discovers addresses, emails, social media information, and in rare cases, it explores Facebook pictures. Spam call lookup has now become easily accessible through the app and takes advanced features with it.

Features of RealPeopleSearch

  • A super-easy way to track someone’s phone number with a free detailed report.
  • The application lets the user enjoy extensive details, including the name and address of the mystery caller.
  • The interface is mobile-friendly, so one can carry on scammers checking on mobile anonymously.

“State of the art facility to perform a background check on anyone.” – Hustin Kohl

Part 3: Can I Use Social Media to Do a Scammer Phone Lookup?

Using social media to find out the scammer may not get one the complete background information. It may also work for tracking the scammer’s phone number and other essential details. Still, scammer phone number lookup sites are more durable. Social media often displays the amount of your personal information, including photos.

More people on social media have fake accounts with fake names. So it may not be easy to find accurate information about scammers. So it may not be an utterly reliable way to find the scammer through social media platforms.


It is no longer bearable to answer any phone call that comes with no identity. People usually face distortion when they see the caller number is unknown and does not belong to them. It is essential to get rid of the growing amount of telemarketers and scammers who bother us. It is possible through using any one app out of the 10 best free scammer phone number lookup sites.

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