10 Free Reverse Address Lookup Services

10 Free Reverse Address Lookup Services

Address lookup services are among the most used services for finding out the origins of unknown calls, reconciling with a long-lost friend, or analyzing a potential employee’s background. These services are effortless to use and can dig up important details about a person, presenting them in neat and organized order.

Part 1: Run an Address Lookup for Free with FastPeopleSearch

FastPeopleSearch is relatively a new address lookup service when compared to others in this list. Still, it will accurately reveal who lives at this address when the user enters the relevant information. The site got a straight ‘A’ rating on BBB, which adds some credibility to the address lookup service.

1.1 Top 3 Reasons to Choose FastPeopleSearch

Here are some reasons for pick FastPeopleSearch to perform reverse address lookup:

  • Extensive Features for People Search

One widespread use of lookup address services includes searching for lost loved ones. FastPeopleSearch free address lookup accomplishes this by first asking for either the name or the address of the target person. Then the look up address platform brings a detailed record for the user along with the required person’s phone numbers, addresses, and much more.

Similar to how a name lookup works, reverse Phone Lookup allows users to search for a person through a phone number. Then it goes through its database, picking out any relevant information associated with the number and presents it to the user in a neat format.

  • Safe Share

FastPeopleSearch comes with an exclusive feature which it calls ‘Safe Share.’ This feature is added to make spreading information to close ones a safe process.

This means that if the user finds something crucial about a person, something that shows they have committed a crime, they can share the information with whom they desire through safe share without dealing with the risks and troubles.

  • Fast and Simple to Navigate

The platform is entirely online-based, which saves time, and enables the user to get down with business instantly. They only have to enter the relevant address information into the search bar, and the service will display info, such as the user’s name, contact numbers in Canada.

1.2 The Step-by-Step Guide to Use FastPeopleSearch

You can use FastPeopleSearch to do reverse address lookup by applying the following steps:

Step 1: Open the official website ofFastPeopleSearch using any web browser, and click on the Address Lookup tab, right above the search bar.

10 Free Reverse Address Lookup Services

Step 2: Enter the address information, including the city and state. After that, click on Start Search, and wait for results.

Step 3: Check the detailed information on the resident of the entered address displayed by FindPeopleSearch.

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Part 2: 5 Best Sites to Do a Reverse Address Lookup in Canada

Apart from FastPeopleSearch, many other services come with several different features. All these services come with their separate requirements and accuracy results.

2.1 PeopleFinders

A free reverse lookup service that not only provides fast results but also comes with a user-friendly UI that most will find a breeze to use. PeopleFinders takes parameters such as phone number, name, email address, physical address.

Another place where it shines is that it allows searching a fixed region, revealing everyone living inside and giving important details about them.

Since it also allows searching through a given email address, finding out the origins of a scam or suspicious email becomes a simple process. Once the email address is found, it can either be reported or flagged as a scam.

2.2 Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is also a well-known name in the reverse lookup industry and not without good reason. The services provide important personal information of the target user living in Canada by entering their home address.

With the service’s reverse address lookup, the user will receive the target’s contact number, email address, physical address, and most importantly, their criminal record. Social media profiles of the target user are also quickly taken out, and then if required, more research can then be done through the social media profiles.

All in all, this makes for an excellent service to see someone’s criminal record so that better decisions can be made when proceeding with the person in any type of affairs.

2.3 TruthFinder

One of the highly recommended applications that provide accurate information and is also easy to use is TruthFinder. It is a lookup service that allows the user to find correct information about the target with the help of the current residential address.

Moreover, it has an updated and accurate database that is retrieved from public records, making it legal for everyone to use. The user data is strictly kept confidential, helping many employers run background checks when finding people by their address. This service is vital when finding tenants in Canada as it can quickly reveal the person’s criminal background.

2.4 Whitepages

Suppose the user wants to find people with their contact information to run background checks. In that case, Whitepages can be an ideal service. According to their monthly stats, more than 35 million people use Whitepages to track down information about people. It can be used for people searching, phone tracking, business analysis, criminal records, and more.

Whether the user wants the target’s phone number, address, or profile, everything is accessible with Whitepages. Moreover, those tired of wrong numbers can use this service to know the owner’s name when some unknown number is calling, also featuring a scam call log.

2.5 Spokeo

For those who’re seeking reverse address lookup service with ease of access, Spokeo is quite a viable option. The user will get a summary of the targeted person’s identity, including the details that can define the person.

Besides, it assists users in tracking unknown callers and helps to take the best action at that time. Users can get background details, relatives’ contact, and house worth by adding any person’s address in Canada.

It is straightforward to use, eliminating all the complexities by accessing your target’s social accounts and business details with photos, interests, property ownership, and more.

Part 3: 4 Free Ways to Conduct an Address Search in Canada

The internet has made address searching and background check easy as many reliable websites can help seek every detail about a person. Here are some free ways to conduct an address search for free.

3.1 Google

The initial step is to search on Google. Everyone who uses the internet knows how quickly one can find contact details about any person just by typing their names or address on the search bar, no matter the country. It allows the user to find every possible social media account.

Moreover, if the name searched by the user has different matches, then you’ll get a summary of every person with that name. This way, the user can get every bit of information without putting in any effort.

3.2 Twitter

Twitter comes on the top five most used social media platforms of all time. So, almost everyone has a Twitter handle worldwide. If the user wants to find someone living in Canada, they can type in the related address in the website’s search box, which will reveal info about the person living there.

3.3 LinkedIn

If the user wants to search for any particular person, they can also take charge of LinkedIn. It is used for job searching or making business brands in Canada. All one has to do is insert a specific keyword in the search bar and select the targeted person from suggestions. The user will be redirected to the result page and will find the address of a tenant or friend.

3.4 Facebook

Facebook is another application that gives the user access to the contact details of any person worldwide, including their address. Just search any name in the search bar. The user can get a complete list of people with their residential and qualification backgrounds.


In short, the internet has been a blessing in this precautionary era. It has become excessively necessary for people to use reverse address lookup before hiring anyone or keeping a roommate. Performing proper background checks and looking at criminal records through different services can ease your personal and business life.

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