Reduce Food Waste With Proper Meal Planning During This Pandemic

Reduce Food Waste With Proper Meal Planning During This Pandemic

Food waste is a major issue the world over and many San Franciscans are aware of the problem in their state too. However, the reduction in wastage of food needs to commence at home. Most of us just discard food or vegetables without even thinking that we are wasting something which could be used by us. Remember there are many people in the world who find it a struggle to get even one meal a day and here we are wasting food with gay abandon. But this pandemic has taught us that we need to utilize the resources on hand as best we can and wasting is not an alternative.

Make a note of the wastage:

To reduce waste we need to first make it a point to check what we waste regularly. If we can make a note of the daily waste we can make changes to reduce them. For example, if you find that you have a lot of leftover bread which you dispose of, maybe you can buy as per your requirement or even better you can utilize the leftover bread for other useful purposes such as making bread crumbs. Check if you are wasting vegetables by keeping them in the fridge for weeks, if so you can cut down on your purchases and buy only the ones you usually use. Once you have a note of wastage it becomes easy to reduce them.

Shop according to your weekly meal plan:

Planning ahead for the week is not easy but you can. All you need to do is put pen on paper and write down what you would like to eat the following week. You may not cook the same dishes and you may change but overall the plan will help to a large extent because you will be shopping according to the weekly meal plan. Make a list of the grocery required for the week and purchase from your nearest grocer or better still check out grocery delivery San Francisco and order online. Online shopping is a great option because you can buy from the comfort of your home and select only the things that you want, whereas in a grocery store you will be tempted to indulge in impulse buying and in the end you may waste it. For example if you go to a grocery store you will find a lot of products near the cash till and you will end up buying them though you may not need them. We need to cut out such buying to minimize waste.

Preparing the food:

Take time to prepare the food every week. If you cut the vegetables and meat during weekends and keep it in the refrigerator it will be easier to cook during the weekdays. Also if you prepare a fixed amount of food you will not have excess food to waste. You should calculate how much the family eats on average and cook a little more than you feel is needed, more often than not you will find that there are no leftovers, provided the cooking is good.

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