ProDentim Reviews - Is it Real or Waste of Money? What Customers Have to Say! 

ProDentim is an advanced probiotic blend created for people with recurring gums and dental issues. According to the official website, ProDentim uses scientifically proven probiotic strains to improve dental health, breath, and discoloration of teeth. Making it a part of your routine, along with daily hygiene practices, can save the teeth and gums from various diseases and damage. 

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Dental health is not just crucial for aesthetic reasons; teeth and gums also play a significant role in digestion. Any food that is going to be inside the body has to make its way through the oral cavity, where it is chewed and changed into a soluble form. If the teeth are not in the best form and function, digestion and immunity are both affected. 

Using a dental health booster like ProDentim can improve teeth and gums and protect them from any disease progression. Although it might sound unusual to use a supplement for dental health, considering its high demand and customer response, it is definitely worth a try. Read this ProDentim review to find out what makes it so popular. 

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ProDentim Reviews

ProDentim is a herbal dietary blend made with premium natural probiotics and prebiotics. It supports beneficial bacteria in the oral cavity and saves from any severe damage. It is not a surprise that the human body is a hub to trillions of bacteria, which are essential to maintaining good health. Sometimes the nasty bacteria overgrow the beneficial bacteria making the body vulnerable to damage. This problem can be fixed by dietary changes or using an oral health booster, and using a supplement sounds easier than changing the entire diet. 

There are many things that cause damage to the natural microflora of the oral cavity. Poor oral hygiene, environmental factors, unhealthy food, chemicals, and toxins, the risk factors are unlimited. But changing how the body deals with these threats by improving immunity can fix most of these problems. Although oral hygiene is mandatory for healthy teeth and gums, using a supplement supports the body from the inside. These two work and offer maximum benefits in balancing beneficial bacteria. 

ProDentim candy comes in the form of easy-to-use soft tablets, and there are 30 of them in each pack. The daily recommendation is only one tablet, taken at any time of the day. The best is to use the tablet 30 minutes before breakfast for maximum absorption. And the results might be better when this supplement is used alongside probiotic-rich foods. 

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ProDentim Ingredients

The company has provided complete details on the ProDentim ingredients to show; that it has nothing to hide. The ingredients are taken from trusted sources, so there is no doubt about the ingredient quality. The manufacturing takes place in the US, in an FDA-approved facility. 

Every serving of ProDentim pills contains the following ingredients. 

  • Inulin Powder (Cichorium intybus/chicory root) 100mg 

Inulin in this formula is a prebiotic obtained from chicory root. Although it is found in various food sources, the chicory plant contains a maximum amount of it; therefore, the company picked this source to obtain it.

The inulin powder provides dietary fiber to the body, which gives a better appetite and control over food cravings. There is no unnecessary, emotional eating, and the chances of reaching food satiety increase too. In addition to that, inulin also protects the digestive system and encourages the growth of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) strains. Combined with probiotics, the inulin powder improves immunity and offers overall health benefits too. 

  • Proprietary Probiotic Blend 20 mg (3.5 Billion CFU) 

This proprietary blend is made with different bacterial strains, each offering distinctive benefits to digestion and immunity. For example, Lactobacillus Reuteri is already a part of the gut, and its presence ensures better metabolism. It relieves inflammation and enhances food absorption, and these benefits are even better when it is present in the oral cavity too.

Next, Lactobacillus Paracasei in ProDentim ingredients has scientifically proven benefits for digestion and boosting immunity. It makes the breakdown of dairy foods easier and offers additional benefits to lactose intolerant bodies.

B. Lactis or BL 04 restores the damage caused by pathogenic strains and improves immunity too, which means there is no risk for disease progression. The last ingredient is malic acid, which controls saliva production, wound healing, cellular regeneration, and stamina building.

  • Streptococcus salivarius 20mg 

The next ingredient in the ProDentim formula is salivarius K12, which has proven benefits for oral and respiratory health. It protects the oral cavity and respiratory canal and saves them from pathogenic strains that cause infections and allergic reactions. Some studies reveal its potential to maintain immune homeostasis, particularly the inflammatory responses in the body. 

These ingredients work well and offer an enhanced effect. Do not worry about swallowing a tablet with ‘bacteria’ in it, as these bacterial strains are well-researched for the benefits they bring to the body. There is no risk of probiotics causing undesirable effects on any user. Stick to the usage guidelines shared by the company for a safe experience. 

ProDentim Usage Guidelines 

ProDentim probiotic supplement is not much different than a Multivitamin; however, its effects focus on dental health only. As mentioned before, it comes in a pack of 30 tablets. These tablets are chewable means you do not water to take the daily dose unless absolutely necessary. 

One ProDentim bottle has 30 doses, and the best time to use this oral probiotic is early morning, before eating anything. Ideally, you should consume it within an hour of waking up before breakfast. Make sure there is at least a 30 minutes gap between the breakfast and this supplement intake. This time is needed to absorb the formula better and make it start working before the digestive system is activated for the day. 

Do not worry about the bad taste because ProDentim uses a natural strawberry flavor. It is good for taste buds, and you will not experience any unpleasant feelings after taking it. The chewable tablets have a higher absorption rate than supplements you swallow with water.

The digestive route is longer and takes more time to get absorbed and be a part of the body, reaching the areas where these ingredients are needed. On the other hand, when absorbed sublingually, they are easily absorbed and used in the oral cavity. However, some of it still goes to the digestive route and offers various benefits. 

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What to Expect From ProDentim?

ProDentim is much more than a dental cleaner; its benefits are multidirectional. It includes prebiotics and probiotics that offer numerous benefits, and dental benefits are only one side of them. Collectively they improve oral health, clear the cavity from toxins, and save the teeth and gums from damage caused by infections. They also strengthen the gums by controlling inflammation that leads to the weakening of teeth and may also cause tooth loss. 

There is a significant improvement in the breath, too, as the bad breath results from nasty bacterial production. When the growth of harmful bacteria is controlled, the breath becomes better and free from a bad odor. The yellowing of teeth disappears, and the teeth become white, giving more confidence to the user to smile wide. 

The benefits expand to the digestive system too, and the probiotics also improve digestion and manage weight. They save from common digestive issues like bloating, gas, nausea, constipation, and other issues. The bowel movements are controlled, and the user starts eating mindfully, according to the appetite. 

Eventually, ProDentim also affects immunity and prepares the body for fighting back against harmful bacteria. There are visible changes in mood, cognitive functions, and sleep, all because the body has the perfect bacterial balance in the gut and oral cavity. 

ProDentim results may take three to six months to show up. Individual results may vary. ProDentim can be used for a long time without worrying about addiction or withdrawal effects. 

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Is ProDentim Safe?

When following the suggested dosage, ProDentim has no side effects. There are no risks of side effects or experiencing an allergic reaction from any ingredient. But talk to a doctor first if you are already on medication or suspect that dental health is affected by an underlying condition. For product-related inquiries, the company has an active customer support team ready to help potential customers. 

This product is only suitable for people over 18 years of age and not suitable for younger ones. It is also not advised to breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women. Please do not use this supplement with alcohol or combine it with any other supplement. The side effects are unlikely, but if you experience an unusual effect, stop using it right away. 

Where to Buy ProDentim? Pricing and Discounts 

ProDentim can be purchased from the official website and is not sold at local stores. Do not trust Amazon and other sellers; only choose a trusted vendor for its purchase. Use this official website link to place your order today!

The price of one bottle is $69 only, which is an affordable option compared to other probiotic blends. The company is offering a massive discount offer on the purchase of three and six bottles. The three bottle pack costs $59 per bottle and $49 per bottle. 

All orders, no matter how many bottles are included, are shipped for free, and this offer is valid for a limited time only. The company is offering two free PDF books with each bundle. These books cost $109 each, but they are free for ProDentim customers.

Bonus #1: Bad Breath Gone. One Day Detox: this is a digital guide that explains the medicinal potential of some basic spices and herbs and ways to use them for complete body detoxification. 

Bonus #2: Hollywood White Teeth at Home: this book explains easy-to-follow tips and tricks for a brighter, pearly white smile. 

ProDentim Reviews - The Final Word

The information available on ProDentim makes it appear a trustworthy option. The ingredients used inside ProDentim pills have proven benefits for the oral biome. There are good chances that this product will cut the cost of dental appointments, treatments, and medicines that may show up next if dental issues are left untreated. 

Follow the dosage guidelines shared by the company and do not experiment by combining this supplement with prescription medicines, alcohol, and drugs. Results can take three to six months to show, and ProDentim is safe for long-term use. If you are convinced to give it a try, book your orders before the stock ends.

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ProDentim Reviews Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Read the following to get more details on this oral health formula.

How To Know ProDentim is Not a Scam?

Having concerns over a product that is only available online are genuine, which is why people hesitate to try a new product. Although this risk is high when you are trying random products, it is not a possibility when you trust ProDentim pills. This product is free from potential frauds and scams, and thousands of customer testimonials are proof of it.

Nothing about it seems suspicious, and the complete information, payment method, and delivery details are already provided online. To make it even more legit, the company is offering a money-back offer. So the money is secure even after paying the company upfront and using the supplement. If the results are not as per your expectations, you can get the money back and return the product.

Is ProDentim candy Worthy Of Your Money? 

The details on ProDentim pills reveal it is 100% worth your money because it has the lowest risks involved. Product efficiency and customer satisfaction is the highest. And comparing it to the price you pay for dental treatments and appointments, it is the most affordable dental care plan. Use it any time you want and maintain ideal dental and gums health for a long time. 

How Many Bottles To Order? 

It sounds practical to order one bottle first and order more later if needed. One thing that most people ignore is that dietary supplements do not offer overnight effects. They take some time to work and show the results, and one month is not enough to witness incredible progress. It may take three or six months to reach there, and even more if the damage has already started. So the number of bottles needed for every user is different. The company currently offers discount offers for the bundle packs, and you can get three or six bottles for a much lower price. 

Is ProDentim Available On Amazon?

The company has explicitly mentioned that no other source is authorized to sell ProDentim supplement. Only the manufacturing company is responsible for the sales. It is not even available on Amazon, and even if you find it somewhere else, it is not recommended to trust that link.

Is ProDentim For Real?

It is hard to believe for many people that a dietary supplement can change their oral

health. The typical idea of oral care involves dental visits and hygiene products, and it

is very unlikely to try a probiotic for teeth and gums. However, there are plenty of

studies confirming the link between dental health and microbiome, suggesting an oral

health supplement can help.

Are ProDentim Ingredients Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly?

Most names inside ProDentim ingredients show a plant-based origin, and there are no

animal-based, nuts, or dairy products inside. For this reason, this product is considered

suitable for people with different dietary preferences, including vegans and

vegetarians. If you are allergic to any ingredient or avoid using any plant-based

ingredients, read the ingredients list before ordering.

What is The Truth Behind ProDentim Complaints?

ProDentim candy is an oral care formula that is safe and risk-free for most people, and there is no way it can go wrong for any person unless it is wrongly used.

ProDentim Review: Summary

ProDentim probiotic formula has many benefits but is not the only product in the market offering them. There are so many other products that offer more or less the same. However, they are not as popular or in-demand as this one. 

Here are a few reasons that make ProDentim candy stand out among the rest. Read the following list of pros and cons regarding this product, and choose accordingly. 


  • Every dose provides 3.5 million CFU (colony forming units) of these beneficial bacteria. 
  • Highest quality ingredients, with guaranteed purity 
  • No addictive potential, withdrawal effects, or stimulatory effects 
  • Improves oral and metabolic health 
  • Refreshes the breath and kills the bad odor 
  • Prevents the yellowing of teeth and removes the stains 
  • Effective against respiratory allergies
  • Offers overall immunity boost 
  • Easily available online through the official website 
  • Very convenient and easy to use, even for months 
  • Reasonable price, discounted bundles for everyone 
  • Once-a-day dosage that is easy to administer 
  • 100% genuine money-back guarantee 


  • Limited availability and low stock 
  • Not available at local stores 
  • Not available at Amazon, GNC, and Walmart 
  • Suitable for adults only 
  • Individual results may vary

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