Planning to Live in San Francisco? Keep in Mind these Facts

San Francisco

San Francisco is a very interesting place to live in America with all the. It features various amazing sites, scenes with a huge economy, endless outdoor activities, and other amazing engagements. Although the price is very high, it is affordable, and deciding to live there is worth it.

If you plan a long-distance or local move to San Francisco, learn most of the basic facts about this city by the Bay as the city holds some dynamic history and fun facts.

A Seat of Progressive Culture

San Francisco holds something right for everyone, which is why everybody just fits in. it is where the gay right was birthed amongst other histories. It hosts lots of parties and street fairs like the Burning Man Pre/Post Parties, Street fairs- just to mention a few.

Mild Weather

If you are a lover of mild weather, then you will love everything San Francisco offers. San Francisco has the coolest weather around months like June to August. The city also has a substantial amount of fogs, so no more cleaning off the ice from your yard or windshield.

Although the city experiences rain around November down to April, the precipitation rate is also commendable.

Below is the average high temperature in San Francisco.


Average Highest Temperature (oF)






















Great Meals

If you are great at keeping a long list of great restaurants, then you might run out of your inventory. San Francisco has streams of eateries, bakeries, and restaurants, which may compel you to start food blogging. The restaurant is ever increasing from tacos to sough dough bread, margaritas, and so much more. Some of the best restaurants include ONE65, Campton Place, Acquerello, Aziza, Angler San Francisco- just to mention a few.

Award-Winning Playground and Neighborhood

If you are planning to live in San Francisco, there are more fun things to keep everyone entertained, whether singles, couples, married, etc. San Francisco also houses some of the best places to live in California, with amazing neighborhoods. You can visit places like the Marina, Presidio Heights, Sunset District, etc.

More Amazing San Francisco Facts

1. In 1906, the city caught fire, and the Redwood tree saved the city. Redwood is a tree with porous grain and resin for absorbing lots of water. Redwood’s high water contents make it difficult for houses made from it to get burnt.

2. The economy in San Francisco is so strong that at the time of the Great Depression, no San Francisco Bank got affected. As a matter of fact, companies and businesses in the city increased so much that the construction of two of the city’s renowned bridges- the Oakland Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge- took place.

3. The original plan for painting the Golden Bridge gate by the United States Navy was black with yellow stripes. The present international Orange color was meant as a sealant.

San Francisco

4. In 1945, the United Nations Charter was first written and corrected in San Francisco.

5. Three-quarters of San Francisco was destroyed in 1906 by fire and earthquake. Also, San Francisco was the first to be photographed and documented the fire destroyed over * billion worth of properties in the value of the present-day dollar.

6. During the Gold Rush, many prospectors were infected by the gold fever; thus, the San Francisco Port was filled with lots of abandoned ships. In order to rebuild the city, the ship was destroyed and reused for building banks, homes, and businesses.

7. The city’s cable car is the only historical antiques that are movable. The Car’s cable moves at a constant velocity of 9.5 MPH.

8. The bear photograph on the flag of California lived in the Golden Gate Park. The name of the bear was Monarch.

9. Joshua Abraham Norton, in 1859, self-declared himself as the Emperor of the United States. At His funeral, ten thousand people were present to pay him last respect.

10. In 1966, the Beatles hosted their last concert at the Candlestick Park and sold twenty-five thousand tickets. However, the pack capacity was 42,000.

11. Levi Strauss invented the Denim Jeans in San Francisco. He actually created it for Gold Rush miners who require strong and comfortable wear.

12. San Francisco hosts over 3,000 coffee houses around the boundaries of the city.

13. Irish Coffee became popular in San Francisco in 1952. A travel writer, Stanton Delaplane, carried the coffee to America after He drank it at the Ireland Airport, Shannon.

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