Our Mother Earth and Taxes

By A Mignon, International Author of ‘A Guide To A Win-Win Situation With Irrelevant Reason Surrender And Your Taxes’ & Creator, Producer, Host of “Live With A Mignon

In a world of no moral conscience for another person’s heartbeat, we have fake news, fake tv shows, fake money, fake businesses, and fake relationships. The creation and circulation of fake money would finally come to an end because it will be discovered global cryptocurrency, such as bitcoins, ethereum and ripple cannot be duplicated. If you are in a fake relationship you better believe you are experiencing fake orgasms. I would never fake an orgasm. It’s nature’s ultimate pleasure. If the relationship is not working, leave, and don’t go back. Yes, we are having a spiritual warfare. Right now on our planet Mother Earth. Good versus Evil. You better know which side you are on quickly or you could lose your life. My parents use to say to me, don’t ever get too cold, too hot, too hungry, too uncomfortable, or too drunk. If you lose your mind, you may lose your life because some stranger may take care of you and you may not like the consequences. Always know what you are doing and where you are going.

My prayer to God for everyone effected by natural and unnatural disasters, hurricanes, catastrophes, tsunamis, California fires, Santa Barbara mudslides, volcanoes, earthquakes off the coast of Honduras and elsewhere, global warming with Greenland and Iceland melting ice on our Mother Earth, is to have a speedy recovery. Stay strong and know that help is on the way. Stay alive, healthy, get medical assistance quickly. Be at high ground or dry ground, move to safe ground. Stay warm, hydrated and have water, food, necessary essentials for you and loved ones, including the animals. I was taught by my parents, animals and nature are our first eyes and tell us what to do. Sometimes it’s just best to follow their lead. Instead of farm to table, what if we had farm to mouth. Walk into a restaurant with no money and you are able to negotiate or barter a trade, such as clean the place, wash dishes, wait tables, be a chef or cook, to feed yourself or your family on the spot and in the moment. Yes, marijuana is now legal in most places in 2018, but you still need to check the law before you fire up. I believe future testing of the depth of medicinal healing with marijuana will be groundbreaking and lifesaving, i.e. cure for cancer.

POTUS announced in a speech given to workers from the energy sector on tax reform, Bismarck, North Dakota, on September 6, 2017. . . “America is the highest taxed Nation in the World”. . . America pays more taxes than anywhere else on the planet. First you pay income tax on your wages. Your money is taxed again with just about everything you do after you’ve already paid taxes. You buy a new vehicle, taxed. Register the car, taxed. Put gas in the car, taxed. Maintenance of the car, taxed. Good news, there is no tax on insurance. Buy an airplane ticket, taxed. Buy food at grocery store, taxed. Buy food at restaurant, taxed. Let that resonate for a moment. Think about it and look at your receipts. So, the tax structure needs to be changed completely. I was taught there are two things certain, death and taxes. My suggestion, death to income tax. Death to taxes. I invite you to be a part of the solution and not the problem. With as much money taken in with taxes, we should have greater benefits, like free medical assistance to pay for all doctor visits, surgery, hospital care, eye care, dental care, mental health care, and paid prescriptions for everyone.

I am fired up to share my first new book, “A Guide To A Win-Win Situation With Irrelevant Reason Surrender and Your Taxes”. Yes, taxes are universal and my book is now in 14 Countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States, making me a published International author. Writing this book was the most difficult thing I could have done because I silently struggled and lived the pages of this book with my taxes. We are never too young to learn about taxes because some people start out working as babies. Whether you are making minimum wage or your ideal salary, someday you will run into tax trouble. This easy guide will help you tackle anything the IRS throws your way. This guidebook would also be a great educational tool in school for students and teachers. It teaches you about the process of how to handle tax issues, vocabulary use, calendar dates to remember, detailed examples and illustrations, and how to come out a winner.

You can find my paperback, eBook, book trailers, and book interview online at Amazon ; online at Barnes & Noble; and Christopher’s Books, 1400 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. You can also catch my show, ‘Live with A Mignon’ on Fridays at 5:30 PM, SF Commons Channel 29. My show is educational, inspirational, informative, fun and I talk about our Mother Earth, tax tips, museums, great music and fun food experiences.

In conclusion, we need to love more, laugh harder. Those precious moments become happy memories, then repeat. Do you think dinosaurs paid taxes? I think the cave people paid taxes to the dinosaurs.

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