Online Psychic Readings: These Are the Best Websites to Get Affordable Psychic Readings Today

During these quarantine times, consulting a psychic online instead of in person might be the safest option. But it’s heart-breaking to visit a site for answers only to get fake psychic readings, outrageous charges, or a scam artist that doesn’t show up at all.

But that doesn’t have to happen.

We studied multiple psychics and handpicked those worth your dime. So read on to discover top online psychic destinations and choose one that accommodates your needs.

1. Kasamba

● First-timer rates: 50 percent off usual rates plus free reading for 3 minutes

● Standard rates: From $1.99 per minute

● Provides a refund if the customer isn’t satisfied with the first reading

● Rating: 5/5 stars

For more than two decades, Kasamba has been providing stellar psychic readings to their clients. This clearly shows in millions of positive customer reviews on their site and even third party sites like Trustpilot.

For every psychic you try in Kasamba, you’ll get 3 free minutes with them. From tarot cards to numerology, you’ll find a wide range of experts to help you with virtually any of your psychic needs. Kasamba psychics can give you chat, video, or phone readings. Moreover, you can seamlessly reach them anytime using their app.

2. AskNow

● Best for psychic readings by phone

● First session rates: $1 per min and/or 5 free minutes

● Standard rates: From $5.99 per minute

● Unsatisfied first-timer can get another psychic reading with 5 free minutes

● Editorial Rating: 4.6 stars

Since 2005, AskNow meticulously recruits experienced psychics. Thousands of customers leave positive reviews on-site and swear by their accuracy. However, you won’t find many testimonials on third party sites, and the available ones average in a poor rating.

You can reach AskNow psychics through the phone or chat. Although not as massive as Kasamba, you’ll find a big list of experts to help you with any psychic-solvable problem you have.They also provide a free daily horoscope for visiting their site.

3. Keen

● Good for relationship advice

Free minutes for new users the introductory session

● Standard rates: From $1.99 per minute

● If unsatisfied with a session, you’re eligible to up to $25 Keen dollars refund.

● Editorial Rating: 4.8 stars

Starting its services around the year 2000, Keen has been a provider of psychic readings for a long time. The psychics on the platform are independent and go through a less rigorous recruitment process than Kasamba. However, with happy reviews from customers on-site and even in third-party websites like Google, their credibility is undeniable.

You can get access to Keen psychics through a call or chat session. They have a wide range of experts, although the site is mostly known for the most reliable love psychics. Keen’s services rank slightly lower than those of Kasamba, but it’s a credible site nonetheless.

4. Oranum

● Best for face to face psychic readings (video chat)

● Introductory reward: 9.99 free credits which are equivalent to 10 minutes

● Standard rates: From $0.99 per minute

● Editorial Rating: 3.9 stars

If you desire a personal touch through face to face communication, Oranum psychics would be an excellent option for you. After spending a decade providing psychic readings, they’ve created a broad customer base with thousands of sessions amassing positive reviews even in third party sites.

Oranum doesn’t tout their online psychic readers’ expertise or their recruitment process much. But using the free beginner credits, you can determine whether the particular psychic you communicate with is a perfect match for you.

Oranum’s expertise in video psychic readings leads to an experience similar to physical meetings you desire while staying at home. This makes them an authority figure in the psychic video field even though they don’t provide other formats like Kasamba.

5. California Psychics

● Good user interface

● Introductory rates come at around half of the regular prices.

● Standard rates: From $4 per minute

● Editorial Rating: 4.1 stars

From 1995, California Psychics provide quality readings online for clients within and beyond the United States. They boast a rigorous assessment of their experts to create a proficient team, claiming that they take only 2 out of 100 applicants. This seems real since you can witness numerous positive reviews on their site and even others like Google and Apple Store.

To determine their suitability to your needs, you can hop onto the discounted packages for at least 20 minutes.

California Psychics provides a massive list of psychic sorting options more than any other on this list. You can order psychics from reading style to customer picks or even staff picks. Moreover, it not only shows you a psychic is busy but also reveals how the queue is.

When it comes to high-quality readings and professionalism, California Psychics is in the same league with Kasamba. However, their satisfaction guarantee isn’t appealing since if you aren’t a new customer, you’re only eligible for a refund if you request it less than 3 minutes into your session.

6. Psychic Source

● Best for online psychic career advice

● Introductory rates from $1 per minute plus free first three minutes

● Standard rates: From $4.99 per minute

● Editorial Rating: 4.0 stars

Psychic Source has been around for three decades and boasts a delicately picked team of about 300 readers. Although they have many psychic gifts in their organization, more than 150 psychics offer career guidance.

Like California Psychics, Psychic Source offers an intuitive psychic finding tool. Here, you can get your readings through online chat, phone call, or video.

From the playful animated psychic finder to the quality readings plus the accomplished years in the industry, Psychic Source is nearly as impressive as Kasamba. It’s too bad they don’t feature many loyal customers promoting them on third-party review sites.

Common Questions About Online Psychic Readings

Are psychic readings real?

This question has been around for centuries, and one answer remains true: psychic readings are real. That’s why you’ll find some people claiming accurate readings of their past, present, and future occurrences.

Psychics use their extrasensory gifts to connect to a higher realm for answers. This comes from the study of the age-old pseudoscience, astrology, and mastering consciousness. They may or may not use divination tools to get answers their clients seek.

How accurate are psychic readings?

According to Gail Summer from Certified Psychics, quality psychic readings are 80 to 90 percent accurate when predicting your future. However, they can be 95 to 100 percent correct when predicting what’s necessary for your future.

A psychic can determine where your life is heading using determinants like your birthday, your aura, and/or using divination. They can sense the reality of your life that may be unclear to you and make interpretations to help you carve out a desirable future.

Are there fake psychics?

Unfortunately, while there are legitimate psychics, you might also encounter fake psychics. The revealed some fake psychics who committed crimes that were punishable by sentence, and some trials are still pending.

Here are some signs you’re dealing with a fake psychic:

● They guarantee 100 percent accuracy.

● They’ll always state statistically correct general information instead of details unique to you.

● They claim to have the ability to arrange a love match.

● They tell you to bring cash or something else valuable to alleviate problems like curses.

● They lack recommendations.

● The psychic reads in a fear-enticing manner so you can view them as your savior.

Since the psychic industry isn’t regulated, you, the client, have to determine real from fake experts to gain legitimate readings.

Here’s how to know a psychic is real:

● They’re open about what they can and cannot do.

● Apart from general information that might apply to several people, they identify specific things in your life.

● They have references.

● They don’t ask intrusive questions to derive details.

● Their revelations have a balance of idealism and reality.

● They tell you that you can make out your future as you want it to be — it isn’t carved in stone.

You might encounter several fake and real psychics reading to several people in your lifetime. However, consulting some of them will provide you with more insights into fake vs. real ones.

How do I choose the best psychic reader?

You have to realize, not every real psychic is the most suitable psychic for you. These professionals differ in expertise, and your needs have to align with the right psychic.

Here are steps you can use to find a suitable psychic reader for you:

1. List the questions you wish to ask

When you desperately need answers to a particular issue, the smartest move is to write the questions in advance so you can get the most out of your reading session. It also helps you when choosing the most reliable psychic.

2. Choose the session format you need

What form of communication will be most comfortable? If you want chat readings, you can choose any of the above sites. If you’re going to call, AskNow would be the best option. However, if you crave a face to face psychic reading, Kasamba or Oranum would be the fittest option.

3. Determine the type of readers’ psychic ability you need

Various kinds of psychics deal with different sets of problems in diverse ways. If you’re clueless about psychics’ craft, you might interrupt, get annoyed by their process, or find the wrong person altogether.

Therefore, determine the psychic ability you need, the topics you want to talk about, and the reading style you want. If, for instance, you want a clairvoyant (one who sees visions) and wish to consult about your career in an inspirational reading style. You know you can find a reputable one at Keen or Kasamba.

So Where Should You Get an Online Reading?

The best psychics online mostly come from Kasamba. Their reputation plus the overall quality customer experience on their site is undeniable. Keen and AskNow follow after Kasamba with their professional, diverse psychics providing quality readings. These companies have been around for more than a decade, amassing numerous satisfied customers.

You will likely have an incredible experience on these sites, especially after being informed about real vs. fake readings. We hope you can choose a proper online psychic reader for you and get the most out of your sessions by asking questions relevant to your needs.

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