One and Done Workout Reviews – Is Meredith Shirk’s Workout Manual PDF Legit?

One and Done Workout is a comprehensive weight loss plan based on sprint interval training that requires you to do...

One and Done Workout is a comprehensive weight loss plan based on sprint interval training that requires you to do special movements for a session of 7 minutes only. According to its official website, it comes from Meredith Shirk, a professional trainer who has designed it chiefly for women. The winning points? It’s easy to follow, doesn’t take much of your time and energy, contains targeted exercises especially for women, and is budget-friendly in terms of pricing as well.

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If you’ve been jumping from one exercise plan to another and finding it hard to stick with one, stop right there. Admittedly, following an exercise plan is tough. Mainly because it is tough to execute – requiring you to spend hours doing heavy, high energy demanding exercises. The good news is that there’s light at the end of this tunnel in the form of the One and Done Workout program, a professionally created plan that’s also easy to follow.

One and Done Workout

If you wish to know more about this exercise program, what it features, and where to buy One and Done Workout manual PDF, keep reading this comprehensive One and Done Workout review.

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One and Done Workout Review

One and Done Workout by Meredith Shirk is a female-targeted program. It takes into account the unique requirements, limitations, and issues of a woman’s body and shares a workout plan that fits not only just their physique, but also their busy routine.

Instead of asking you to invest hours after hours into exercising, the One and Done Workout program requires 7 minutes per session with only 1 minute of intense work, which is bracketed with warm-up and rest. This way, you don’t need to keep your energy tank full only for working out. Instead, the warm-up can tune you in and your muscles can then support the workout.

The program instructs you to make specific movements as a part of the sprint interval training. Consequently, not only do you lose weight, but can also reap the benefits of enhanced agility and flexibility.

The good news is that all the One and Done Workout exercises and movements are shared in a video format. This way, you can understand exactly what is required of you. You also get access to customer support as a part of the package, which means that if you aren’t clear about something, you can ask for further explanation.

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How Does One and Done Workout Really Work?

SVELTE One and Done Workout plan is unlike other weight loss programs as it isn’t demanding or high in intensity. This makes it a good pick for almost all women trying to melt the extra pounds and get back in shape.

Instead, the plan is focused on Sprint Interval Training, or SIT for short. In this exercise program, you are to make specific movements that are strategically planned out and aimed at signaling the brain to trigger the production of a specific hormone. This hormone, in turn, speeds up your metabolism and can promote natural fat melting in the body.

As per, a lazy metabolism is a leading culprit behind the weight gain problem. It is also what makes it challenging to reduce the extra mass from the body. No matter how hard you try, a slow metabolism creates internal body resistance to shedding the extra weight, rendering all your hard work useless.

But here’s the thing: once you cross your 30s-35s, your metabolism is bound to slow down. It’s why you find it challenging to lose weight in this age bracket and beyond. Fortunately, with the One and Done Workout program, you can solve this issue, which means that you can effectively shed weight, irrespective of your age group.

Such an active metabolism, thanks to the One and Done Workout manual by Meredith Shirk, helps burn the fat you consume. It also targets the fat reserves that have been accumulating in your body over time, helping you burn the stores inch by inch. Consequently, the program is able to turn your body into a fat-melting machine.

Note that SIT strategic movements don’t require dedicating regular time to jogging. Instead, each session takes 7 min of careful movement that the instructor teaches. It’s during these sessions that hormone production is triggered, which eventually assists you in trimming your physique effectively.

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What is Included in One and Done Workout Session?

One and Done Workout takes the same approach that any professional workout session: warm-up, movements, followed by rest and repeat.

According to, here’s the full breakdown:

  • Start with a warm-up.
  • Practice the movements the way they are shown to you in the One and Done Workout video. This will take 20 seconds of effort. Once done, you are to rest so that your heart rate goes back to its normal pace.
  • Repeat the movements for 20 seconds – the active period – followed by rest.

All these steps take no more than seven minutes in total. Of these seven minutes, an intense workout only takes a minute. This way, it’s not an impossible-to-follow plan.

Expected Benefits of the One and Done Workout System

Keeping in mind the action plan that Meredith Shirk’s One and Done Workout manual adopts, here’s what you can expect from this program, according to its official website:

  • Fat loss

This is the primary benefit of the program, mainly because it utilizes Sprint training that can maximize fat burning inside the body. However, the cherry on top is that this benefit is derived naturally without having to rely on harmful chemicals or synthetic components such as artificial fat-loss hormones.

  • Better flexibility

All the movement that you do as part of this program can make you flexible. On the whole, this makes you active in your daily life and can keep your joints well-oiled and healthy.

  • Better endurance

Lastly, you can also expect to boost your endurance levels overtime with regular movements and exercises as taught by the One and Done Workout videos. Why? Because your muscles become habitual of activity, which means they give up on laziness and become more agile.

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Is One and Done Workout Legit? What Makes This Program a Good Fit For You?

According to most One and Done Workout customer reviews, mentioned below are a couple of reasons which make it the best pick for you.

  1. It is carefully designed for women

The One and Done Workout Meredith Shirk program isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan. Instead, it’s a program that is planned particularly for women. This means it takes into consideration all the health-issues specific to females and also factors in what works well for a woman’s body. Naturally, this makes this formula a useful one.

  • It comes from a woman too

Normally, most programs and weight loss plans come from a team or an individual who promises that they have studied women, their needs, the way their body reacts to exercise and weight loss, and so on.

Although there’s no harm in this, a certain element of authenticity is missed this way. But such is not the case with the One and Done Workout plan. Why? Because a professional – a woman – is the mastermind behind it who obviously understands your issues better than other male trainers.

  • It doesn’t involve an extensive workout

One and Done Workout system is based on sprint interval training (SIT) that involves light, easy exercises instead of the ones that take too much time, effort, and stamina.

  • It is easy to follow and stick with

The fact that the program is based on SIT-backed light movements confirms that it isn’t tough to follow. You don’t need to be an avid runner or someone who has been exercising for months to follow the One and Done Workout Meredith Shirk program.

On top of that, you only need to take out 7 minutes per session, which aren’t very demanding to spare in a busy woman’s life. The benefit to this? It becomes possible and rather easy to stick with this program.

Normally, it is difficult to shed weight because you end up not following a program due to the level of difficulty involved. But the one offered by One and Done Workout by Meredith Shirk is easy to follow as well as stick with as it’s not heavily demanding of your time and effort.

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Who is One and Done Workout Plan For?

Meredith Shirk’s One and Done Workout manual is for women only. It has been developed to keep their requirements in mind as well as to tackle their health issues as well. For example, the 7 minute long movements that the plan introduces are careful of the fact that they don’t cause joint ache – a concern that’s common among women.

That said, this program is not for children under the age of 18. What’s more, pregnant and nursing women should steer clear of this program. Why? Because the plan is to use particular movements to trigger the production of fat-burning hormones. Since your hormones are always in a mess during pregnancy and lactation, it is best to not follow the One and Done Workout manual during this entire time frame.

Other than that, if you are doubtful of the program or any aspect of it, you can check with your trainer before following it through. Although there’s no need for it as the program comes from a professional herself, but you can always quell your doubt. Also check out this One and Done Workout review report by APNews.

Why is One and Done Workout Manual Not a Scam?

Several factors work together to ensure you see positive results if you follow this program step for step on a daily basis. These are:

  • It is easy to follow which increases the odds of results

Firstly, the One and Done Workout program is easy to follow. It doesn’t take a genius to observe the steps and movements that are clearly outlined in this program.

Moreover, since there is no running or jogging involved, you can easily follow along. What’s more, you don’t need to get a gym membership or any heavy exercise gear to get started. Again, this contributes to the ease of following this program – a factor that other weight loss programs don’t take into consideration and instead focus on lots of hard work.

  • It isn’t very demanding

Secondly, the One and Done Workout plan doesn’t require much commitment. This means there’s less demand in terms of effort and time. To explain, you don’t need to be doing strenuous exercises, which takes the hard and heavy work requirement out of the picture.

On top of that, each session is for 7 minutes only so there isn’t a long-term commitment needed as well. Instead of dedicating hours and finding it hard to make time for the program, you only need to work a few sessions that are a couple of minutes long. This means you are more likely to stick with the One and Done Workout program which makes it efficient in delivering results.

  • It has low health risks

Thirdly, the odds of health risks are low with the One and Done Workout manual, because it takes into account the requirements of a female’s body. For example, with no heavy activity involved, you are at a place to protect your joint health. Therefore, encountering any One and Done Workout side effects is highly unlikely.

  • It goes to the heart of the problem

Last but not the least, this program is efficient due to the role it plays in addressing the root cause of weight loss. In the case of women, this is usually related to fat accumulation, slow metabolism, and disturbed hormones. As you have already learned, this plan addresses each of these issues by signaling the brain that it’s time to shed the extra weight in a natural and effective manner.

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What’s Inside The One and Done Workout Program?

As per the manufacturers, the One and Done Workout manual is comprehensive by nature which means that it covers all aspects of the sprint interval training including answering all questions that you may have.

All in all, here is what is included in the standard package of the One and Done Workout:

  • 14 Days of Follow Along SIT Workout Combinations
  • In-depth Demo Videos to help you perfect your form
  • In-depth Exercise Combination Manual
  • Members Exclusive Dashboard
  • Round-the-clock Assistance

With the last point, you can easily get help whenever you need it. For example, if you are having trouble understanding how to perfect a movement, you can reach out for help. At the same time, the dashboard helps you track your activity whereas the rest of the items in the package give you the exact action plan that you need to get fit in no time.

Where to Buy One and Done Workout? Pricing, Bonuses, and Money Back Guarantee

All the components shared above are currently available at a pocket-friendly price at the official website, Originally, the program was priced at $99.95, but you can grab One and Done Workout $29 discounted price deal if you hurry and place your order now.

Besides, with each order, you also get the following bonuses:

  • Detoxifying Red and Green Smoothie Recipes.

These can help you keep your energy levels high as you work out.

  • 10-day ‘Done-For-You’ Keto Reset Meal Plan, Recipe Guide & Shopping List

This is a supplementary plan for those who want to perfect their diet alongside sprint interval training.

Not to forget that there is a no-questions-asked refund policy in place that protects your investment. This money-back guarantee lasts for 60 days and if you are not satisfied, you can have your money back.

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What Else Can You Do To Lose Weight with One and Done Workout?

Here are some useful tips:

  • Follow a workout plan

Our top recommendation for weight loss for you is to keep up with a workout scheme. This is available to you in the form of the One and Done Workout program. Thanks to the video format, the content is not only easy to understand but also easy to follow. Just be sure to be consistent with the training plan and you’re all set.

  • Keep up with an easy meal plan

Apart from the One and Done Workout manual, you can follow an easy diet plan. The surprise bonus guide on the keto meal plan with this program can help you achieve this. If you find that you can’t commit to too much in a short time, start with cutting back carbs in your diet. This means you need to begin with reducing pasta, bread, and other such carb-rich foods from your meals.

Don’t go about cutting carbs from your diet all at once. This way, your body will rebel against the change, making it even tougher for you to stick to the plan. Instead, accomplish this slowly and steadily. At the same time, increase your protein and good fat intake.

  • Lead an active lifestyle

This means taking the stairs instead of the elevator when you can, for instance. Similarly, walk to the grocery store instead of driving to it. Even if you don’t feel like it, go for a brisk 10-min walk.

Not only will this help you trim your physique externally, but walking in the sun is great for your mental health. Plus, the vitamin D from the sun is great for your bones – something all women should know since they are at risk of osteoporosis or porous, fragile, and easy-to-break bones as they climb up the age ladder.

  • Change your mindset

This is critical for success, even if you are following the One and Done Workout plan. If you don’t stop feeling sympathetic for yourself, you’ll dread working out no matter how easy the movements are. So instead of feeling like a victim, tell yourself that you are doing all this for yourself and that it’s a part of your lifestyle.

Once you start enjoying the exercise and stop feeling sorry for yourself, you’ll feel a lot better. It will also be easier for you to focus on the training regularly.

  • Keep a regular sleep schedule

In case you didn’t know, an important culprit behind weight gain is a lack of sleep. When you sleep well and spend enough time in deep sleep, medically referred to as REM sleep, your body gets the chance to repair and heal.

On the other hand, if you don’t doze off well and on time, you might not be giving your body the time it needs to heal. Consequently, your metabolism slows down. As explained above, a lazy metabolism is at the center of weight gain as well as poses problems in melting all the extra fat.

  • Maintain a journal

This could be a food journal, a workout journal, or a combination of both. Either way, a journal is a good motivator that keeps you on track with your weight loss plan. You can either record what you did and how you feel daily in this journal or can simply use a sheet instead.

Seeing such a worksheet or journal tells your brain that you are on the right track to something good. All those journal entries or tick marks on the worksheet accumulate to push you further, therefore, helping you maintain consistency in whatever plan you follow.

The key to success with any diet plan or even with the One and Done Workout program is consistency. You can only expect to see results if you manage to exercise daily. In the case of this work plan in particular, the effect of the hormones released lasts for 24-48 hours. Thus, you need to be regular to ensure that the hormones are triggered daily so that your metabolism eventually picks up pace and you are able to burn off the extra, adamant piles of fat.

One and Done Workout Reviews – The Verdict

All in all, One and Done Workout is an easy-to-follow weight loss plan for women. It doesn’t require you to go running, jogging, or any time-consuming exercise. Instead, it focuses on leveraging sprint interval training to introduce specific movements that encourage the production of fat-burning hormones.

The program is simple to follow and doesn’t ask for much from your end except for consistency in following it. It’s also reasonably priced so budget doesn’t get in your way to efficient weight loss. To take advantage of One and Done Workout $29 special offer, visit the official website here!

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