Noobru Reviews – Best Nootropic Drink with L-Theanine Caffeine?

What is Noobru?

What is Noobru?

When a person ages, he or she often begins to age in the mind as well, and not just externally. Then various abilities decline more and more over time. Learning becomes more difficult, concentrating – simply mental fitness in general becomes less. In this case, the brain needs important nutrients and vitamins to continue to perform and remain mentally fit. The reason why people deteriorate mentally in old age is usually because they feed their body, their brain, less and less good things. What goes into the body is utilised by the body and passed on to the nerves and muscles and everything in them. Only when the right things get into the body can the body act accordingly.

So Noobru, as a natural nootropic with cognitive effects, could help you to restore or strengthen your mental performance and support your central nervous system. Its vitamins serve to ensure that your brain is supplied with everything important again and that it remains as fit as on the first day at any age.


Why do I need this food supplement?

Whether at a young age or as we get older, the brain needs nourishment to keep it fit and healthy. It has to perform well day after day and is often prevented from functioning properly by unhealthy food, because there is no “fuel” in unhealthy food that helps the brain to do its work. So it is usually necessary to supplement the food with food supplements or other supplements to give the body strength in other ways, including vitamins.

The nootropic Noobru is such a supplement that offers you cognitive support through vitamins so that your brain continues to function fit and healthy. At least that is what the manufacturer promises. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Noobru rating and recommendation

At first glance, this “drink” from Noobru seems very healthy and helpful to provide a little support for one’s own health through vitamins. However, such mixed drinks usually contain hidden sugar or maltodextrin and glutamate (also found under the hidden term “natural flavours”), which are very unhealthy and also very bad for the brain.

Whether such a drink increases mental fitness through vitamins is something everyone has to test out for themselves. Before the brain does not receive any nutrients and vitamins, such a supplement to the food during the day certainly serves as a good alternative.

Info on taking Noobru

Taking Noobru is very easy: just tear open a packet of the powder, put it in cold water (in a glass or an insulated bottle or similar), stir or shake well and you can drink the strawberry lemonade-flavoured drink.

During the day, you only need one such packet mixed in water. It is recommended to drink one such sachet every day in order to supply and support the brain with vitamins in the long term. However, Noobru should only be taken for 5 days and not for two days in order to counteract a habituation effect and so that a cognitive success can be perceived.

Can Noobru cause risks or allergies?

The manufacturer advertises the product as “allergy-free”, which probably means “does not cause allergies”. However, since everyone functions differently, this claim that this product cannot cause any allergies is very bold.

If you have known allergies to the ingredients of this powder, you should first carefully consider whether you should take it or not.

What are the Noobru quality features?

The product has a number of different features that make it appear superior to other similar products:

  1. Noobru is vegan, environmentally friendly, full of vitamins,
  2. It is free from animal testing,
  3. It’s GMO free,
  4. It supports a keto diet,
  5. There are no added colours in it,
  6. There are no added flavours in it,
  7. Noobru is sugar-free,
  8. It’s gluten-free,
  9. It is allergy free.
  10. Tablets and capsules are only 39 percent absorbed by the body, but this Noobru powder is up to 98 percent: higher effectiveness.
  11. Cognitive success: No side effects as with caffeine (shakiness, dizziness, headaches etc).

In addition, Noobru(TM) supports starving children in poor countries, so that every purchase of Noobru(TM) provides meals for a child for one year.

Noobru is said to have already been promoted on various platforms, magazines or TV shows, for example: Daily Express, GQ, Daily Mirror, NBC, OK! Magazine, The Guardian.

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Noobru reviews

Most people prefer to drink coffee rather than ingest powdered vitamins, as for many coffee is the ideal “kick” for the day to get awake and fit. However, coffee contains caffeine and caffeine can do a lot of things to the body. It may have a positive and noticeable effect at first and taste very delicious, but in the long run it is bad for the central nervous system. It also puts a strain on the adrenal glands and you become more and more tired and exhausted in the long run. The body becomes more and more stimulated and drilled to be “active”. This eventually weakens it. And caffeine is addictive and deprives the body of vital nutrients, vitamins or minerals, for example iron! Noobru, however, offers you something that is not addictive and yet is similarly effective through vitamins. It supports your central nervous system instead of destroying it, it supports your adrenal glands instead of weakening them. It makes you feel fit and healthy, alert and energetic; cognitive success is soon apparent.

One user of Noobru reports how she watched her parents deteriorate mentally and could no longer remember many things. They were really becoming old people before her eyes! She researched what she could do about it and came across Noobru. She immediately ordered some packs and gave them to her parents, who started taking Noobru immediately and have been doing so every day for a few weeks. It started working a few days later: The parents were able to remember more, were more efficient overall and were generally fitter to romp around with their grandchildren. This was proof that Noobru worked and that it really did contain the substances and vitamins to improve mental performance as promised by the manufacturer.

Another user, who herself is already at an older age, tells how she noticed how scatterbrained and forgetful she was becoming. She was afraid why she suddenly became so “confused” in the head and was told by her family that it could be a deficiency of certain nutrients, trace elements, minerals or vitamins that were missing. She should take a preparation with the corresponding substances and see if something improved. Her family got her Noobru and she took it every day. Only a few days later, she noticed a kind of “refreshment” in her head, a cognitive success, as she was suddenly able to remember more or she generally felt much fitter and better. She felt how she became more efficient and that she was not only mentally but also physically fitter. She can only recommend Noobru, it has helped her a lot.

A user of Noobru writes that although he is not at an advanced age, he often suffers from forgetfulness or loss of capacity. He was worried about getting dementia or other such diseases at a young age and researched what could be done about it. He soon found Noobru and tried it for the vitamins. Soon after taking it for the first time, he felt really refreshed, both physically and mentally, so that he was able to cope very well with the upcoming exams at school, and he also felt that his studying just “flowed”! He is enthusiastic about Noobru and now takes it permanently.

Where can I buy Noobru?

Noobru is only available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website and nowhere else. Here you can get various quantity discounts as well as a discount of up to 50 percent on the order of a pack that lasts for 180 days.

Payment can be made either via PayPal or by credit card.

Noobru ingredients

According to the manufacturer, the following ingredients are contained in Noobru powder:

  1. L-theanine: for alertness and accuracy.
  2. Phosphatidylserine: counteracts stress.
  3. CDP choline: improves the ability to react.
  4. Ashwagandha: supports the cardiovascular system and helps against panic attacks; serves inner peace.
  5. N-acetyl L-tyrosine: improves mood.
  6. Sulbutiamine: aids memory formation.
  7. Alpha GPC: supports muscle performance.
  8. Huperzine A: supports learning ability.
  9. Vitamin B5 (panthotenic acid): promotes energy.
  10. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCI): serves cognitive functions.
  11. Absorbagen: fights depression.
Furthermore, the following ingredients, which are not explained in detail, are also contained:
  • Phosphatidyl serine (20 per cent),
  • Taurine (formerly produced from animals, today almost exclusively synthetic, therefore vegan),
  • citric acid,
  • strawberry flavouring,
  • lemon flavouring,
  • stevia,
  • erythritol,
  • Beetroot extract

As well as natural flavouring (!), silica, calcium silicate and natural colouring.

Who is the provider of the product?

The following details can be found online about the supplier:

Company address: Noobru c/o Noolabs Trading Limited, 14 London Street, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 2PA.


E-mail: hello(at)noobru(dot)com

General information on the subject of food supplements

In most cases, modern foods have too few or no suitable ingredients that the human body can utilise well and effectively. This usually causes a vitamin deficiency or other deficiencies in the body, which is why the body must be supplied with the corresponding missing vitamins, trace elements, nutrients, minerals outside the normal intake of food through food supplements. They are usually available in tablet, powder, liquid or capsule form.

Most of such supplements are loaded with unhealthy chemical additives, so care should be taken to take which are as pure and herbal as possible to avoid getting more health problems. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Known FAQ about this product
  • Q: How do I know it works? 
  • A: The product has already been tested on volunteers and through clinical studies, every single ingredient has been tested for its corresponding effectiveness, so that only what has actually been promised against the complaints has actually gone into the product.
  • Q: How quickly does the effect start? 
  • A: Most of the ingredients work very quickly, others rather slowly. Every person works differently and for one person it can happen very quickly, while another person only notices something after a few days. After a few days, however, a small cognitive success should already be noticeable due to the vitamins and the like contained in the product.
  • Q: Isn’t it rather doping and is it forbidden to take it for sporting competitions? 
  • A: This product has not yet been banned or appeared on a ban list as doping, on the contrary, the manufacturer even has a certificate about this, which proves that the product is okay.
  • Q: Do I have to drink it every day? 
  • A: No, you only have to take it 5 days a week and not two days. That’s why there are only 20 packets in a package for a whole month, so you can take a break at the weekend. This way you don’t get used to it and you feel a long-lasting effect of the ingredients on your well-being (cognitive success).
  • Q: Why not just drink coffee? How is this different from the effect of coffee? 
  • A: Coffee masks your drowsiness, your sleepiness and makes you think that you are now awake and active. So your body is hard at work actually making you awake and active. This can be stressful in the long run. Noobru, however, works to make your brain actually awake and active through the vitamins it contains. Your brain is nourished and stimulated (cognitive success).
  • Q: Does it change my mood? 
  • A: Basically yes. The active ingredients can change your mood, lift it. However, the product does not cure any disease, it may help with depression, but it mainly works on the brain, providing it with everything it needs to work properly.
  • Q: Can I get addicted/dependent on it? 
  • A: Apart from getting addicted to the great feeling and mental clarity, none of the active ingredients in the product are addictive so you don’t need to worry about taking drugs you can’t get off. The all-natural substances are harmless and only serve to support your brain and central nervous system for your overall well-being (cognitive success).
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