Moonshot 2: Gateway° – a remote escape game that takes you to the frontiers of space science

Moonshot 2: Gateway


Reason, a high-tech team building company in San Francisco, is taking players back to the Moon with Moonshot 2: Gateway°. The game is a new and exciting follow-up to Reason’s original Moonshot° mission, and is the most advanced massive remote escape game in the industry. Designed for groups from 12 – 100 players, Gateway features a peek into some of the most important advancements in space exploration, a live host over video conference, a virtual assistant, as well as remote controllable props and puzzles in the real world & the digital world to create an adventure that is out of this world.

Story & Gameplay

Lola, our favorite astronaut, is on her way to the Lunar Gateway but the station is unresponsive.Your team needs to get in touch with our real-life astronaut over video conference and board the Gateway remotely to help Lola dock her ship. Up to 10 teams can compete in a real-life space race against the clock and each other. 

The game is set on a modified Soyuz spacecraft where the teams can help Lola avoid asteroids, configure Lunar Gateway systems, and complete docking procedures. As teams progress through different stages of space exploration, players get a chance to bond over problem solving challenges and fine tune their collaboration style in a remote setting. This real-life sci-fi adventure is a preview of the new frontier of space science and explores a number of exciting technological milestones that are critical for humans to become multiplanetary.

Lunar gateway

The Lunar Gateway, or simply the Gateway, is a planned small space station in lunar orbit. The station is intended to serve as a communication, habitation, and transport hub for NASA & ESA deep space and robotic missions. It will be deployed in a highly elliptical 7-day near-rectilinear halo orbit (NRHO) around the moon. This unique orbit brings the station within 1,900 miles of the surface and as far away as 43,000 miles every 7 days. This means each week there’s a window for launching from the station to the lunar surface, and also a window for returning to the station. Upon completion, The Gateway is expected to play a major role in the later stages of the Artemis program after NASA’s scheduled return to the moon in 2024. 

Orbital Refueling

Orbital refueling is one of most difficult technological challenges and an important part of the Mars transportation architecture. SpaceX was recently selected by NASA to advance the technology needed to transfer propellant in orbit. Under some planning scenarios, a Super heavy rocket would launch Starship to low-Earth orbit. In LEO the Starship will top up its fuel tank then continue to get its payload all the way to Mars. It’s estimated that five Starship launches’ worth of fuel (as payload) would be required to refuel one Starship and involves the transfer of hundreds of tons of methane and liquid oxygen.

In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)

ISRU basically means living off the land.. In Space! It encompasses a variety of operations involved in using ‘in-situ’ (local) resources to create products and services for robotic and human exploration. Examples of resource related activities include the acquiring, and processing of raw materials such as Oxygen, Water, Carbon, and metal ; while examples of engineering activities include manufacturing, construction, agriculture, energy production, and storage. Besides reduced launch mass, or increased payload-to-orbit ratio, ISRU will also be a critical enabler in the long term habitation and eventual colonization of the Moon, Mars, and beyond.


Moonshot 2: Gateway° is an all-hands on deck mission that provides a front-row seat to what the future holds. The next chapter of space exploration is here. Available now for teams of all sizes anywhere in the world. For more information check out Reason’s website and see you soon in Space!

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