Master Your Writing Skills: Top Ideas to Spend Summer in San Francisco with Benefits

Master Your Writing Skills: Top Ideas to Spend Summer in San Francisco with Benefits

San Francisco is one of the serene cities in the United States, if you want to spend your summer in the city, come and get tips and ideas that will help you in your stay. It is a perfect itinerary for those who come to San Francisco for the first time and who want to see a little of everything. Students who plan to enter a university in San Francisco can spend their summer with benefits – they can master their writing skills that will be a great plus during the educational year. Oftentimes, students turn to companies like to get help with academic papers, but such a camp can teach newbies how to write like a pro.

We will pass by the main tourist spots in the city: Golden Gate, Pier 39, and Union Square – and we will also visit lesser-known corners that I am sure you will like! Here we go? Three days is the minimum we recommend for a peaceful trip through San Francisco, time for you to get used to the time zone and discover some of the coolest neighborhoods in the city; if you have 4, 5, or more days, the better! We have prepared a script that can be adapted to your trip with incredible options to choose from!

Summer camps in San Francisco Bay


Summer camp translating means summer camp is a supervised program for children and teenagers during the most prolonged American school holidays, between July and August. As parents are usually working at this time and their children stay at home full of energy, schools have popularized this alternative to entertain them.

English schools followed suit and also created their summer camps with a focus on international students. In this case, instead of the students being immersed in a wooded place with Scout-style activities, the aim is to gather the crowd to learn English more relaxed, combining learning with outings, but on a full-time basis.

Several San Francisco Bay cities and schools offer the program. The most popular courses for international students are held in San Francisco and nearby Berkeley, a short metro ride from major cities in the vicinity.

How Summer Camps Work


There are two types of program, one in which the student is 100% under the responsibility of the school, with supervision 24 hours a day and all meals included, and another that the student can stay at the home of a friend or relative, but passes the school day and activities.

Students have classes in the mornings, extra-curricular activities throughout the afternoon, and tours in nearby cities on Saturdays.

Activities outside the classroom include: visiting Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge; science academy, sporting events in the parks, day trips to see the giant Redwoods in Muir Woods, an afternoon on Stinson Beach, visit the Monterey Aquarium, travel to Yosemite, watch basketball and baseball games and so on the go.

Summer programs for international students

Summer camp at ILSC Language Schools


ILSC is conveniently located in the financial and commercial center of San Francisco, surrounded by shops, businesses, and tourist attractions. The facilities are spacious and modern, with the latest technology. The building has a student library, a café with internet and Wi-Fi, an outdoor recreation area, in addition to 15 classrooms.

The program offered by ILSC is called Junior Program, and the package does not include family. It is aimed at students who can stay at the home of a friend or relative. Many parents just let the big boy go when he stays at his aunt’s house or trusted friend.

The summer camp includes classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon from Monday to Friday, and tours on Saturdays, and the values ​​are from:

  • 1 week: $1,118.75
  • 2 weeks: $1,825.00
  • 3 weeks: $2,531.25
  • 4 weeks: $3,237.50

They also have options with a homestay, but of course, the cost is higher.

Summer camp at Converse International School of Languages ​​- CISL


The Converse school occupies the top two floors of a historic building; in the city center, it has two modern and well-located language centers, one in San Francisco and the other in San Diego. This school aims to allow students to achieve their learning objectives in the shortest possible time. It has highly dedicated instructors, and the classes are small, with a maximum of eight students per class, which guarantees individualized service and more significant interaction between student and teacher.

The Summer Program of Converse is done in the best universities of the country and San Francisco. Students are immersed in the campus of the University of California, Berkeley campus. The program includes English courses, daily activities in the afternoons, and day trips on Saturdays. The package includes an entire board with all daily meals and 24-hour supervision while the student is under the school’s responsibility.

Converse’s values ​​are:

  • 2 weeks: $4,100.00
  • 3 weeks: $6,150.00
  • 4 weeks: $8,200.00

Age of summer camp students

International students are admitted between the ages of 13 and 17.

English level required for summer camp

There is no minimum level of English required; there are classes for beginning students. To give you an idea, the student’s development in a one-month course in a 30-day program is equivalent to 4 to 6 months in the classroom of English courses, since immersion will make the student think and speak in English all the time.

When the summer camp takes place.

The program dates for the students at both schools are from 2 to 30 July.

As the student stays at school full time, more than 18 hours a week, you must have a student visa, F1.

The aim of the program is cultural and not recreational, like Disney, for example. The kids are forced to manage independently, they have to find a way to communicate in English, they live with students from different parts of the world, and they also know a lot of cool places. It is a tip for the countries that want and can offer a different experience for their children!

10 – Stroll between neighborhoods


San Francisco is an attractive city for its tourist attractions and the history and formation of each neighborhood. Walking through various locations in the city helps to understand how San Francisco has become such a liberal, modern, tolerant, and receptive city to differences. Each district has a facet, and everyone lives in complete harmony. Be sure to stroll through districts such as Chinatown, the largest in the world outside Asia; Mission, with a hipster side and a teeming Latin side; Castro, the neighborhood that concentrates the gay community and where the city lives in a constant party atmosphere; Haight-Ashbury, the birthplace of the hippie movement and currently one of the chicest neighborhoods in the city; and North, traditional Italian stronghold. It is significant for the students for the history lessons.

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